Thursday, June 2, 2011

"Stories" From The MTC

Dear Mom,

Sounds like you had a good birthday! When did you get the pictures? Were they late? Maybe once I get my visa and take off, when I call home, I can explain who the people are in the pictures I sent. A couple were cut off so I couldn’t send them. Not sure why. But they probably won’t be cut off on the cd.

I can’t believe those two made it all the way. I would have been so mad if I was watching it. (Oh … on The Biggest Loser by the way.) Yesterday I was talking to President Braithwaite and Sister Braithwaite (my Branch President and his wife) about it. I can’t believe the Olympian quit. That’s horrible! But, ya, President B. didn’t seem to care too much about the two girls who won. Sister B. seemed indifferent.

That story you sent helped a lot. But it really helped more with this other Elder in my district. I’ve had trouble with him for some time. He tends to be “holier than thou” a lot. Like when I was released as District Leader and called as Zone Leader and a new District Leader was called ... this Elder said to the District, “Ya. They would have called me as Zone Leader or District Leader but they must have known that I just didn’t need it. So they called someone less qualified who needed it more.” I was thinking to myself, “What the heck!!” Like who says that? There’s been many other instances just like that so it has been hard for me to love this Elder but that story helped a lot. I’ve been praying for guidance with this situation and your story was an answer to those prayers. I’m trying my best everyday to love him. With the Lord’s help … I can.

So how are things at home? How was Memorial Day? I hope you are all having a great time. I know I am. To put it into perspective … you know that feeling you get after EFY? Like when you’re on a spiritual high? Well, double that and make it every day for over a month so far. It’s awesome!

I’m going to cut this short even though there’s so much more I could talk about. My hand is hurting way bad and I still need to write Britt and Belle. Love you soooo much!!!



PS - Sorry for my horrible penmanship … and for making lots of scribbles.

PPS - I almost forgot … do you think you guys could send me a little scrapbook with pictures of us from before the mission in it? Like just a small one. Elder Tarbet has one that just fit’s a bunch of 4x6 (whatever the typical dimensions are) in it and I think it would be nice to have one too.

PPPS - I keep forgetting to ask but Nana and Uncle Eldon wrote me and Nana sent me a package but they used and they don’t have a return address on it. I don’t know their addresses so can you get them so I can write them back?

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