Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Mission Announcement Pictures

It was time for Tavin's favorite thing ... taking pictures! NOT! We wanted to make up an announcement to let everyone know about Tavin's mission call. So ... we packed up one afternoon ... headed to a park ... and took TONS of pictures. The day was going great until right at the end. We wanted to get a picture by this little pond that had these extremely big ducks/geese/who knows what kind of bird they were! All we knew was they were about the size of a small child. Well, these birds were not happy that Tavin was in their territory. They started "honking" and making a terrible noise. The next thing we knew, they started getting closer and closer to Tavin ... who in turn ... started getting more and more nervous. As a final warning, they started splashing Tavin with water and we knew our picturing taking time was over. It was quite an adventure but at least we got what we came for ... pictures for Tavin's announcement.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Looking Like A Missionary

Well ... it was time to make Tavin look like a missionary. With our list in hand, we headed to "Mr. Mac" by Temple Square, and got straight to work. Spence Christensen was amazing and knew exactly what Tavin would need for his time in Brazil. Pants were tailored ...

... suits were decided on ...

... and shoes were bought.

We were there for hours so Belle entertained herself by coloring pictures in a coloring book.

Good job Belle ... and "Thanks!" Mr Mac for providing the entertainment.

Finally ... big smiles were on everyone's faces once all the shopping was done!

Bags in hands ... and with more being shipped to our house ... Tavin walked out the door with a huge weight lifted off of his shoulders.

It was a fun day for all.

And another memory created with the family before Tavin leaves.

We are all so thankful for these last few moments together. They will pull us through when we are apart.