Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Day Finally Reached!

It took me awhile to put this post on this blog.  The moments in this video are very personal and special to our family.  However, it is a time and event in our lives that will never be forgotten.

Monday, April 25, 2011

It's Official! I'm An Elder!!!

Monday, April 25th 2011 ... Tavin was set apart as a Missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He is know officially Elder Fox. As we gathered with family in the High Council room at the Stake Center, President Petersen met one last time with Tavin in his office. Once that meeting was done, the next part of the night began. President Petersen asked Nana, Papa, Tom, and I to say a few words to Tavin. It was a very tearful ... heartfelt moment where words of encouragement, words of praise, and feelings of love were expressed. Following those comments, President Petersen set Tavin apart and a beautiful blessing was given. Tavin was promised many miraculous blessings.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

"Ice Cream & Sharing"

After a busy day of Farewell talks, pictures, Easter Egg Hunts, and dinner ... we lit the heaters out back ... formed a circle with the chairs ... and sat by the pool eating ice cream. At our house, we have a tradition call "Cheer Up Ice Cream". When ever someone has had a very bad day or just needs a little cheering up ... a special purchase of ice cream is made and the talking and eating begins.

This time was a little different. We just had an amazing day and wanted it to end even more amazingly. We asked Tavin what his favorite homemade ice cream was, and he said "Mint Oreo". So after it was done being made and dished out to all 23 of us ... we sat and relaxed and "talked".

Each person took a turn sharing advice or feelings to Tavin. It was awesome hearing all the tender memories and thoughts about their cousin, nephew, grandson, brother, or son. The tears were not in short supply ... but that is to be expected every time the LeBaron family is together. : )

A Final Farewell!

Sunday, April 24th 2011 ... Tavin gave his "Farewell Talk" in the Arrowhead Ward. The other two speakers were Brittin Fox (youth speaker) and Marlan Walker. All talks were amazing and everyone did a fantastic job.

Brittin talked about the Atonement and how our sins can color us "like dye in bath water". The only way to be clean again is through our Savior Jesus Christ. Tavin talked about receiving the image of Christ engraven upon your countenance. How, through the Atonement and truly coming to know Christ, we can change to reflect his image. Brother Walker, as always, was amazing. He shared some stories from when he was a Mission President and shared some heart felt feelings towards Tavin. It was the perfect way to spend Easter Sunday.
There were so many people that showed up ... it was like Stake Conference. All chairs were taken. Even the ones set up in the gym. As Brittin got up to speak, the Bishop asked some of the Priesthood to set up additional chairs in the back. Still, after setting up all those chairs, there were still people in the hall because they couldn't find room to sit. It was packed.

Thank you everyone for being there, one final time, before Tavin heads out for two years. Your love and support is appreciated.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

"A Brazilian Carnival"

For Tavin's Open House, we decided to throw a "Brazilian Carnival". We were a little worried about the timing ... it was Spring Break here in Vegas and it was also Easter Weekend. However, we soon found out there wasn't anything to worry about. We had over 250 show up to eat food, have some fun, and show their love and support to Tavin.

The food was AMAZING! Burritos, tacos, and quesadillas were cooked to order. Everyone had a choice of grilled chicken or carne asada and all the toppings you could imagine. We also had grilled pineapple, salads, fruit platters, grilled vegetables, Brazilian lemonade, etc. No one went away hungry!

While the young adults and adults visited, ate and enjoyed each others company ... the kids swam and played hard until late into the evening.

Late that night ... after everyone went home ... Tavin opened his "Farewell Tie". Before Tavin received his mission call, friends and family made prediction about where he would be called to serve. Whoever guessed closest, got to pick out the tie Tavin had to wear to his farewell talk. Lindsey, Tavin's cousin, was the winner. She did a good job picking out a purple tie ... with a Lakers pin. Lindsey and her family are big time Laker fans ... Tavin ... not so much. : ) Also that night, he was given the ever needed "Face Mosquito Net". This will come in handy with some good "Greenie" tricks out in Brazil.Thank you to everyone who came out and was there at the "Brazilian Carnival". Tavin was so appreciative and felt so good knowing that he has so many people behind him. And ... he will carry with him the memories and kind messages given to him for the next two years. (Especially seeing he will be sleeping with his sheets so nicely signed by everyone who came that night!) Thanks once again to everyone, for making it such a special and fun night.

Friday, April 8, 2011

"I Love To See The Temple ... I'm Going There Someday!"

April 8th, 2011 will forever be a special day in our hearts. It was the day Tavin went through the temple for the very first time.

Sitting in the chapel ... surrounded by friends and loved ones ... Tavin walked in, all dressed in white. The joy that filled my soul is unlike anything I can ever describe. As I hugged him, I felt so happy knowing that he had made it, and reached this ever important goal. Because of temples ... families can be together forever. What an amazing treasure temples are!

Tavin's journey is just beginning. He is taking his first steps towards a path that will bless his life, and the lives of others ... forever.

Remember ... "No empty chairs" ... another one was filled tonight.