Sunday, April 24, 2011

A Final Farewell!

Sunday, April 24th 2011 ... Tavin gave his "Farewell Talk" in the Arrowhead Ward. The other two speakers were Brittin Fox (youth speaker) and Marlan Walker. All talks were amazing and everyone did a fantastic job.

Brittin talked about the Atonement and how our sins can color us "like dye in bath water". The only way to be clean again is through our Savior Jesus Christ. Tavin talked about receiving the image of Christ engraven upon your countenance. How, through the Atonement and truly coming to know Christ, we can change to reflect his image. Brother Walker, as always, was amazing. He shared some stories from when he was a Mission President and shared some heart felt feelings towards Tavin. It was the perfect way to spend Easter Sunday.
There were so many people that showed up ... it was like Stake Conference. All chairs were taken. Even the ones set up in the gym. As Brittin got up to speak, the Bishop asked some of the Priesthood to set up additional chairs in the back. Still, after setting up all those chairs, there were still people in the hall because they couldn't find room to sit. It was packed.

Thank you everyone for being there, one final time, before Tavin heads out for two years. Your love and support is appreciated.

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