Sunday, April 24, 2011

"Ice Cream & Sharing"

After a busy day of Farewell talks, pictures, Easter Egg Hunts, and dinner ... we lit the heaters out back ... formed a circle with the chairs ... and sat by the pool eating ice cream. At our house, we have a tradition call "Cheer Up Ice Cream". When ever someone has had a very bad day or just needs a little cheering up ... a special purchase of ice cream is made and the talking and eating begins.

This time was a little different. We just had an amazing day and wanted it to end even more amazingly. We asked Tavin what his favorite homemade ice cream was, and he said "Mint Oreo". So after it was done being made and dished out to all 23 of us ... we sat and relaxed and "talked".

Each person took a turn sharing advice or feelings to Tavin. It was awesome hearing all the tender memories and thoughts about their cousin, nephew, grandson, brother, or son. The tears were not in short supply ... but that is to be expected every time the LeBaron family is together. : )

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