Monday, May 30, 2011

Missionary Work & Volleyball - Not A Good Pair!


Thanks for the email! I got on earlier today, before I came to the laundry room where I get my emails to print off, but I didn’t have one in there. haha Normally when you get on and off, it rounds you down to the nearest 5 minutes so if I get off with 28 min left … I get on and only have 25. It didn’t do that this time so I have the full time!!!

As for my hand … I’m going to a specialist tomorrow to get it checked out because the doctor here is worried I damaged some of my ligaments so he's sending me somewhere else. It’s not broken so that’s good. I’ll probably write just a really brief letter after my appointment to let you know what the verdict is. But, ya, I’m not sure what’s up with it. All I know is that it hurts!

Monday, May 23, 2011

District & Unity At The MTC!


Glad to hear from you again! Things have been great here. We’re having such a good time. We just got back from the temple which was awesome as always. Let’s see … here what’s new ...

First I’ll talk a bit about the speakers we get to listen to. Typically on Sunday’s firesides, it’s someone from the MTC that speaks … like District Coordinator or someone in one of the presidencies. For Tuesday Devotionals, it’s so far always been a General Authority. Last Tuesday we had President Hinckley’s son talk to us. It was such a good talk!!! We also got to hear from Neil L. Anderson which was also very good! Basically, all of our speakers are amazing! Last night an MTC person spoke but it was so good. He made his talk very lively. He reminded me of Glenn Beck the way he talked … very lively, said things like it is, and funny too. I’m not supposed to know this but either this Tuesday or Sunday Jeffery R. Holland is coming to talk to us so I’m really excited for that.

Monday, May 16, 2011

"New Week ... New Challenges"

Hey mom!

That was crazy! You sent me that email right when I got on! I’m fine with getting emails. Now that I’m figuring out how best to time things, my schedule is working a lot better so I’m not running around and having to start and stop emails. (By the way … if I’m making spelling mistakes it’s because 70% of the letters on the keyboard have been rubbed off so it's quite a challenge when you don’t have the key pad memorized.) I’m still trying to figure out how to send pictures home. I was messing around on the computer and nothing was working. There’s a place in the book store to print them off, so I’m going to go check that out and see if i can email / get a cd of the pictures there. And yes … I was able to pull up the picture you sent me in the last email.

Did you get my letters that I sent last week? The one about my razor charger? I NEED that really bad. I hate normal razors and I take forever with them. haha

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Messages Left On Walls ... Messages From The MTC!

Dear Everyone,

Things are still busier than ever here, but it’s kind of amazing how it works. The days are long but the weeks are short. It’ll be 3 pm and I’ll think it’s 8 pm. Yet, last week flew by so fast. Those first couple of days, from Wednesday - Sunday, took FOREVER … and then last week just flew. I’m guessing it was so slow because I was getting used to the schedule and new way of life that, we at the MTC, come to love. Not to mention the fact that I couldn’t understand my teachers since they wouldn’t speak English. Now, it’s no problem to understand them. It’s amazing how much we can learn so fast, when you have that extra support from on High.

Now, to answer everyone’s question … the food. It tastes good but not so good with the after effects. Although, Peter … it’s not the Jell-o ... and Bishop … it’s not the syrup ... and Chad … it’s not the cereal that messes you up. I have a few theories:

Monday, May 9, 2011

"Happy Cinco De Mayo" Back At You!

(Email received May 9th, 2011)


So glad to hear that you guys are having fun!!! And glad you did in Cali too!

Sister Wing called you? That’s awesome! I just asked if she could text you. She gave a talk in Sacrament Meeting about mothers and I was a wreck. I looked around and saw a couple of the Missionaries that got here the same time as me, were crying too, so thankfully I wasn't the only one. Sister Wing is awesome!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I'm Still Alive!

(Letter received May 3rd 2011 … but written April 29th 2011)

Dear Family,

How is everything going? Did you like the writing on my walls … my ceiling … my door? Haha Well, things have been going good so far. My Mission President told me to make sure I let you know I’m alive still. Obviously I am since I’m writing you.

The first day was a little crazy. They were showing us around everywhere and when things finally settled down, I got to our classroom. I was the only one there … not even the teachers were there. My host that was taking me around, took me to watch an orientation video. After that, my teacher Irmão Brough, came and got me and took me to class. I was the ONLY one there and teachers here don’t speak to us in English. Only Portuguese. I was so confused but then started to catch on. When the other guys showed up, they went and watched the video, and when they got to the classroom … I got to watch them all be as confused as I was. It’s amazing how much we’ve learned in two days. If anything, having my Spanish is hurting me with the pronunciation. However, we are doing good.

As I guessed, my companion is from Provo. His name is Elder Downer and he isn’t a downer at all. He’s really cool. Another guy’s companion never showed up so he got added to us since he rooms with us. His name is Elder Krusi. He’s a fun guy. In my division, there are six of us. I love all these guys. Elder Tarbet is one of my favorites, tied with Elder Downer. But they are all cool. One has one of those “I’m holier than thou” attitudes which kind of bugs me but he’s still cool. He just needs to learn to lighten up a little and have fun. It’s great here!

Monday, May 2, 2011

It's My First P-Day!

(Email received May 2nd, 2011)


So … I guess I can do emails here on my P-days which are on Mondays. I get half an hour on the computer and there’s a timer so once that time is up … I get kicked off. I don’t think I can have everyone in the family email me because it will be hard to reply to everyone if they are really really long emails. There’s a way to print out the emails and pause time and log off, so that way I can just read them and not waste my allotted time. I just have to figure out how to do that. Don’t worry. It’s not against the rules or cheating. Our branch president told us about it.

Anyways, I’ve found out there is quite a bit more to being District Leader than just getting mail. (I’m not sure if you got my letter or not yet, because I haven’t heard back. Of course, its only been a couple days. Haha)

So how are you guys? What’s everyone been up to? Yesterday was Fast Sunday and those are kind of rough. It wasn’t bad at all during the meetings, firesides and conferences … but personal study time was rough. However, it was an awesome Sunday. The talks were really good and we got to go on a temple walk, like we do every Sunday. That was great. Not only getting up to the temple and feeling the spirit, but it was nice to get out of our little MTC bubble of being either in a small classroom or the cafeteria. That’s where we are pretty much all day except gym time which is AWESOME! I took a bunch of pictures with my companion, Elder Tarbet, my District, and my Zone Leaders. They are all way cool. Once I figure out how, I’ll make sure to send some pictures home to you guys.