Monday, May 23, 2011

District & Unity At The MTC!


Glad to hear from you again! Things have been great here. We’re having such a good time. We just got back from the temple which was awesome as always. Let’s see … here what’s new ...

First I’ll talk a bit about the speakers we get to listen to. Typically on Sunday’s firesides, it’s someone from the MTC that speaks … like District Coordinator or someone in one of the presidencies. For Tuesday Devotionals, it’s so far always been a General Authority. Last Tuesday we had President Hinckley’s son talk to us. It was such a good talk!!! We also got to hear from Neil L. Anderson which was also very good! Basically, all of our speakers are amazing! Last night an MTC person spoke but it was so good. He made his talk very lively. He reminded me of Glenn Beck the way he talked … very lively, said things like it is, and funny too. I’m not supposed to know this but either this Tuesday or Sunday Jeffery R. Holland is coming to talk to us so I’m really excited for that.

In my branch this week, with everyone getting visas, we went from a branch of 34 to a branch 11 in one day. We got 6 new elders so we’re at 17 now but we’re not getting anyone new this week. It's kind of nice having a smaller branch. When it was big I knew everyone and everything but it wasn’t the same as it is now. Everyone is very friendly and knows everyone like a friend would know their friend. We take up pretty much a whole table at meals because we all eat together, whereas before, we would typically all just sit within our Districts. The unity is really nice and makes things really fun.

Rumors are starting to spread about there being another big group of Missionaries heading down to Brazil. When someone gets their visa, they hold off on sending them for two weeks until they have a group of Elders to send. Elder’s parents are checking the status of their visas online and giving them updates. I would prefer, though, for you guys not to check mine because a lot of the guys get distracted when they find out they got it and only care about getting to Brazil and I don’t want that. Especially now with our teachers pushing us extra hard with Portuguese. I can’t use any distractions. :)

Like I said, our teachers are really pushing us. Absolutely no more English in class. Our lessons with our investigators are being done in Portuguese as well. That's a big challenge but it’s amazing how well we can all do it for not being out here that long and being able to teach a full 30-45 minute lesson. We're all really being blessed. There’s this new pilot program that they've been testing, for all the kids learning a new language, and it’s going to take effect in August. The program we have been using is a newer program where we're immersed in the language. (Every time I type English now I always accidentally spell it “Ingles”. haha Same with so many other words. I’m constantly doing them in Portuguese which makes typing harder. haha) Anyways, the pilot program is the same only they have one teacher and their second one is a progressive investigator. On the second day they have to teach solely in Portuguese! At first, when I heard about it, I was skeptical but it’s incredible because they can do it! We’re all very blessed here and it’s amazing.

Well, my time is running short so thank you soooo much for my charger, the jerky and everything you guys have sent me … especially your letters.

Love you all!


Elder Tavin Fox

P.S. Could someone get me Dillon Armstrong’s address because I want to write him and do a drawing battle like old times. haha Also, the Gardner’s, because they sent me a package and I want to thank them for it.

P.S.S. Nathan Westover just told me to say “Hi” to the Fox Family for him … so … "Hi!" haha

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