Monday, May 9, 2011

"Happy Cinco De Mayo" Back At You!

(Email received May 9th, 2011)


So glad to hear that you guys are having fun!!! And glad you did in Cali too!

Sister Wing called you? That’s awesome! I just asked if she could text you. She gave a talk in Sacrament Meeting about mothers and I was a wreck. I looked around and saw a couple of the Missionaries that got here the same time as me, were crying too, so thankfully I wasn't the only one. Sister Wing is awesome!

Sorry that I’ve only sent you guys one letter so far. Things are kind of crazy here and the only day we can write home is on P-Day. Last P-Day was crazy!!! You definitely have to learn how to make the best of your free time. Like last time we went to do laundry during our designated laundry time … it was a war zone! That’s the only way I can think to describe it. It was insane trying to get a washer and even worse to get a dryer! Haha After I finally got a dryer ... I turned around and grabbed my clothes that were on the ground, and when I turned back around, a sister had her stuff in my dryer. It was crazy! It took me 3 1/2 hours to do it all and we only have 3 hours designated for it. Needless to say, it took up my free time. So this week we went a little early and that was much better. Now I’m going to have a lot more time to write letters.

Today me and my district went to a temple session. It was awesome! I loved it. A lot less stressful than my first time. It has also been raining yesterday and today which I’m enjoying and so is everyone in my district. (Except Elder Wahnschaffe, but he's from Seattle so rain isn't as exciting.)

Your Cinco de Mayo package was awesome!!! We had so much fun with it all. One of the Branch Presidents was in our residence hall and he didn’t seem too sure about the piñata but all the Elders loved it. The head got knocked off of the bull, so we made a plaque and mounted it on our wall like you would with a trophy deer or something that a hunter shot. One of the Elders in my district, Elder Tarbet, asked if we could adopt him so that he could get amazing packages too. Haha It made me laugh pretty hard.

I can’t wait to hear some of those stories that you mentioned. Especially the one about Dad. Lol Well, my laundry is done and I’m running low on time so I’ll give you guys some more information in my letters … that I’m going to go back to my room and write. Love you all so much!!!!



P.S. I'm still trying to figure out how to get pictures home but once I do I’ll send them to you guys so you can see them.

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