Monday, May 30, 2011

Missionary Work & Volleyball - Not A Good Pair!


Thanks for the email! I got on earlier today, before I came to the laundry room where I get my emails to print off, but I didn’t have one in there. haha Normally when you get on and off, it rounds you down to the nearest 5 minutes so if I get off with 28 min left … I get on and only have 25. It didn’t do that this time so I have the full time!!!

As for my hand … I’m going to a specialist tomorrow to get it checked out because the doctor here is worried I damaged some of my ligaments so he's sending me somewhere else. It’s not broken so that’s good. I’ll probably write just a really brief letter after my appointment to let you know what the verdict is. But, ya, I’m not sure what’s up with it. All I know is that it hurts!

Word is starting to spread about another shipment of Elders leaving for Brazil. As people get their visas, they wait for a big group before they send them down. Tons of people have received letters from home saying it’s been approved so they are just waiting on travel plans to be made. Also, the consulates do them based on states and when they did their online application. Everyone that has been hearing about them being approved, is from Utah. Chances are all the Utah elders got them, and Nevada is a different consulate so who knows about me. On the plus side, if all the Utah elders get theirs and leave and I don’t … I’ll still have Elder Claudia from another district in my branch here. He did his online the same time as me and he's from Vegas too. So me and him will either get them together or stay together. But to be honest I’m not super crazy anymore to get my visa and head down there. Obviously I’ll want it by the time I’m out of the MTC, but I love it here and my teachers too. So if I don’t get it, I won’t be too heart broken. It doesn’t matter where you are, the only thing that matters is that I’m learning. Plus … with the amount of rain we've been getting up here, I feel like I’m already in brazil! Haha

We pick up mail after lunch and dinner. Lunch starts at 11:40 so we usually get mail by noon. Dinner is at 4:40 and we get mail around 5. I was told that if it’s some kind of food that needs to be refrigerated, they wont give it to us. An Elder got Cafe Rio sent to him and he never got it. They said the way it works is if they can smell it … they take it. Soooooo … just in case whatever is being sent to me can be deemed as needing to be refrigerated … it has to be in a box or something.

What are your plans for memorial day? Elder Claudia and I were talking about things we would do during Memorial Day back home. It’s fun having someone from the same place as you, because lots of the Elders from Utah are from the same cities, or close by, so they always talk about home. Before I found out where Elder Claudia was from, I didn’t have anyone.

Well, I’m almost out of time so I’ll have to wrap this up. Eu amo vocês muito!! Es foi muito dificíl para sair, más eu se que minha missão é correcto para me. Eu se que da igreaja de Jesus Cristo é verdadero e Ele vive.


Elder Tavin Fox

P.S. I had to cut the testimony short because I have like 20 seconds left! Love ya!

*** In a letter Tavin wrote last week, he explained what happened to his hand. This is what he said, “My hand is killing me so the letters are really painful to write. It is twice the normal size and purple all the way down to my palm. I was playing Volleyball, jumped up to block it, and a huge guy went to spike it. We hit it at the same time but my arms were spread so my thumb took all of the hit. Basically imagine putting your hands up, with your thumb extended, balancing a ball on it, and then letting a 6’4” Samoan hit the ball as hard as he can. Não Bom!!! (Not good.)”

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