Monday, May 16, 2011

"New Week ... New Challenges"

Hey mom!

That was crazy! You sent me that email right when I got on! I’m fine with getting emails. Now that I’m figuring out how best to time things, my schedule is working a lot better so I’m not running around and having to start and stop emails. (By the way … if I’m making spelling mistakes it’s because 70% of the letters on the keyboard have been rubbed off so it's quite a challenge when you don’t have the key pad memorized.) I’m still trying to figure out how to send pictures home. I was messing around on the computer and nothing was working. There’s a place in the book store to print them off, so I’m going to go check that out and see if i can email / get a cd of the pictures there. And yes … I was able to pull up the picture you sent me in the last email.

Did you get my letters that I sent last week? The one about my razor charger? I NEED that really bad. I hate normal razors and I take forever with them. haha

My camera is a Casio Exilm (if it helps, it says youtube capture mode on the front of it). Up on my shelf in my closet on the far left side is where I kept all the papers and stuff. I can’t remember if i threw it out or not ... sorry.

Anyways, sounds like you guys had a blast over "Mother's Day Weekend". The letter made me get chocked up and really really miss you guys. Luckily, I have a good District that cheered me up while I was kind of down. But that’s so cool you saw Adam Sandler!!! I told the other Elders about it and they were all like "No way!!!" That’s awesome! I’m glad you had fun!

Things are kind of the same here. We have the same schedule every week but last week was pretty eventful. Almost 3/4 of our Branch (the people I go to church with and stuff) got their visas and are leaving. Unfortunately, I’m not one of the lucky ones. My District is only losing one Elder so we're going from the smallest, and one of the newest … to the largest, and one of the older groups in a day. haha Also, last week I got released as District Leader and made Zone Leader, so now I have even more responsibilities. Things are crazy with everyone leaving and then new Elders coming in. Sister Ratigan (the one that is having health troubles) is the only Sister in our Branch and her whole District is leaving. It’s going to be tough because her old District was on a different schedule than the rest of the Branch for some reason. We’re trying to get her put on the same schedule as us because me and Elder Downer have to take her places since she doesn’t have a companion or another girl to go with. When she needs to go somewhere, we're in class. It’s all so crazy! We're trying to make it work out. Also, we’re getting two foreign Missionaries today and tomorrow. Elder Downer and I have to pick them up and show them around and all that, until their District gets here on Wednesday. One is from London and one is from Guatemala and doesn’t speak much English, as we’ve been told, so that'll be interesting. Wish me luck!!!!!

I’m starting to get pretty good at beach volleyball. That’s pretty much all we do during gym time but it’s so much fun. Different Districts will challenge each other and we'll play them. We’re doing good … for not ever playing. We played some Samoans and Tongans the first time and they were terrifying in volleyball. They hit the ball so hard, it’s amazing. The other day, we had a rematch and won so that was awesome! Anyways, time’s almost up so I’ll write you later.

Love you guys!!! Can’t wait to get your letters!!!


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