Monday, June 6, 2011

A Final Farewell From The Provo MTC

Hey Mom!!!

Yes … I was able to print off the email so I can read it and think of what I want to reply and save time. Ok … so for my flight information … I leave Salt Lake City at 1:50 p.m. and arrive in Atlanta at 7:40 p.m. (Georgia time, I believe, so around 4:40 for you guys if I got the time difference right.) Then, I leave Atlanta at 9:20 p.m. and arrive in São Paulo at 8:15 the next day. I hear the ride from the airport to the CTM is an experience! haha Apparently, they don’t enforce any street laws so all the laws are basically "suggestions". haha Our teacher was saying a road will be three lanes wide, yet there will be five cars driving next to each other very fast on the road. Driving in Brazil was compared to a huge game of Mario Cart where everyone is going fast, it’s crowded, people are cutting each other off, and occasionally throwing things at another car. Sounds like fun! I’ll probably be calling around 5 pm (your time) from Atlanta. If I have time in Salt Lake, then probably around noon or somewhere around then. I’m not sure when we actually get to the airport. Basically … just always have a phone around.

Yes, I found the “thing” Theo left and I’m going to leave something extra for Tanner in the same spot Theo put the “thing“. It was a well thought out spot.

I’ve taken lots of pictures. Well … I think it’s a lot at least. haha I haven’t gotten one of the map. We’re doing that today. I haven’t gotten the package with the new camera in it yet. The last package we got was the Bubba Day one which was a lot of fun. We took some good pictures and everyone was talking like a hick. It was so fun! As far as letters, I’ve gotten all of those but that one week I didn’t get anything. The mail just must have been behind. And, yes, I got all those packages except for the two after the Bubba Day one. I’m wearing the bracelet right now actually.

When were you guys up at the temple?? Like time wise? My temple walk was from 12:45-1:45. I already went to the temple today so I haven’t found the note yet. We got back, printed off our emails, and came to the laundry room which is where I’m at now. I’ll grab it before I leave, but probably tomorrow because today I have to write the letters and get them sent off and pack everything up so I won’t have time today. It’s going to be crazy. Was it my Branch President’s wife that emailed you or was it Sister Wing? Sister Wing was the one that called you and the one I gave your email to. Her husband is a counselor in the Branch Presidency. If it was Sister Braithwaite then, ya, that was my Branch President’s wife. I told both of them about the blog and I wasn’t sure if you sent out my letters and emails to people, but I said if you did I would ask you to add them to the list and give them the link to the blog. You have Sister Wing's email address but I’m not sure if you have Sister Braithwaite’s. If you do … then no worries. But if not … I have it written down because she gave it to me. Only, I don’t have it with me right now. I’ll include it in the letter today or you could ask who ever sent you the email for the other sister’s address. I took pictures with all the people in my Branch Presidency and their wives ... except Sister Adamson who wasn’t there ... so I don’t know which one you got. When I call home you’ll have to tell me so I can tell you who it is, and maybe go over the pictures I sent you and say who they are.

Well, I’m almost out off time so I need to get going. I love you so much and I miss you!!! I can't wait to call you tomorrow.

Love ya!


Elder Tavin Fox

** The photos are pictures sent to me (via cell phone) from a dear sister ... Sister Wing. I was so thankful for her thoughtfulness. They made my day!

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