Tuesday, June 14, 2011

On The Road Again!

Dear Family,

So it’s P-Day today and we’re on our way to the temple right now. It’s a bumpy drive so it makes writing pretty difficult. It’s cool seeing the scenery around here.

Things are going good. I’m getting a bit better at Portuguese from talking to the Brazilians. It’s really cool in Brazil! I wish you all could see it. It’s very different from the United States. Last night we had hot dogs Brazilian style. It was interesting. They have spices on the hot dogs themselves and put mashed potatoes and these little chip things. (They are kind of like the long pieces at the bottom of a bag of Ruffle Chips.) Not too crazy about it. haha

Ok! So these roads are ridiculous! Really rough and bumpy and the drivers are crazy! We literally just got cut off by a huge semi. We had to slam on the brakes and everything. Fun stuff!
This is the first time I’m writing before doing an email and most of the stuff I want to say I’m planning on putting in the email because it’s instant. We’re almost to the Temple, so I’ll write a bit more after.

Ok. So we just got done and, wow, the Sao Paulo Temple is beautiful!!! They have some really pretty stained glass and loads of dark hardwood all over. It was really gorgeous wood work and there was art everywhere. It is probably one of my favorite temples out of the few I’ve been to. Since the majority of the people were Americans, it was in English but some parts were in Portuguese and that was a little hard. haha It’s funny too because the area around the Temple is … well … let’s just say not super nice but typical to what I’ve seen in Brazil so far. Lots of run down buildings and loads of graffiti on those buildings. So the Temple stands out quite a bit.

This is hard to write in the bus so I’m going to cut it short. Probably by the time you get this, I’ll be out in the field.

Love you guys!!!


Elder Tavin Fox

*(The pictures attached are photos Tavin took of the Provo Temple before he flew out to Brazil.)

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