Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Provo MTC Is What I Needed


Glad to hear you’re having fun!! We’ve been out and about ever since we got back from the temple. I guess everything (laundry and computers) are really crowded right after you get back so we went out first.

First of all, it’s definitely different here. haha As soon as we left the airport, I was like, “Whoa this is crazy!” (Oh did you get my letter? We were allowed to send one letter via pouch mail sending info home. I added a bit more to it for you guys.) Motorcycles split lanes like they do in California only all the cars are going freeway speeds and most of the time they are going even faster. It’s ridiculous.

I’m still companions with Elder Downer and I didn’t get to be in the same District as the guys from Provo. We got added to an already existing one and I only know one more Elder other than Downer. It's good but I do miss my old District.

So you know how I really really wanted to go straight here, to Brazil for the MTC? Everyone I talked to always told me there’s probably a reason I didn’t get my visa and that the Lord's hand was in me going to Provo. People would say that maybe I’ll help someone out there or something. Well, I honestly think I didn’t get sent to Provo for anyone else other than me. That’s exactly what I needed. I miss the Provo MTC so much. I have been thinking about it recently and feel so blessed that I had the opportunity to go there. There are things about it that I loved. Here the food is amazing … in Provo it was so so and it messed you up. In Provo gym time was sweet and we had the field and stuff … here not as good. However, those things don’t matter too much. What matters is how much I learned in Provo. I'm so thankful for the teachers I had in Provo. Irmão Brough and Irmão Porter were amazing!!! They’d push us and I love being challenged. We also had lots of teaching experiences with volunteers and without teachers. Also, in Provo I had a really strong support system with my Branch Presidency and their wives and mine were incredible!!! I’m so glad I got to experience Provo first. The spirit was so strong there and there was such a strong purpose. Although sad to leave the Provo MTC behind ... I have memories to last forever.

What I love most about being a missionary is that from every challenge, I learn something new. I just have to rely on the Lord to give me experiences that I can learn from. But I have some exciting news! I get to leave the MTC a week early!!!!! I’m out of here next week! So in a week from today, I’ll be out in the field!!!! I’m so stoked. Although, I got a bit of shock today while we were out and about. This girl came up to talk to me and another Elder and I could not understand a thing she was saying to us. I can understand the Elders here but they talk slow and use simple language. Talking to that girl was rough!

The outside area we get to walk around in, is huge! I thought it would just be the street around the MTC but it’s gigantic! It was really cool. We went out to a Brazilian Barbecue with our teachers since it was our last MTC P-Day and it was so good! It was a little hole in the wall place but I think I like it more than Tucanos. It was only around $10 in American money for all the food and drinks. So good! Oh … another thing about the MTC … it’s tiny! It’s like the size of a small hotel. About the size of a La Quinta. Not very wide or long and not a lot of land … it’s just tall. We’re up on the 7th floor and guess what … no elevator! So much fun! I get a work out every time I go up to my room. haha

Well, my time is almost up so I got to get going. I love you guys!!! I’m glad you’re having a good time!! Tell the Aussie’s I said “Hi!” and everyone else there too!

Love you all!!!


Elder Tavin Fox

* (Tavin sent home his camera before he flew out to Brazil and we came across some fun pictures he took while at the Provo MTC. He has a new camera so hopefully we will get some pictures from Brazil soon.)

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