Monday, July 25, 2011

Missionary Work ... From Generation to Generation

Dear Family,

That’s awesome that the computer problems have come to an end!!

Yes … I got the package. I got it on July 21st at my interview with President Martins. Thanks so much for the sweaters and tie!!! That same day I got 9 letters!!! It was awesome!!!! Also, speaking of packages … if you guys were thinking of sending another anytime soon … some things that would be appreciated would be a portable CD player and some church/orchestral music so we can listen to it in our apartment and some deodorant because it’s expensive here. Also, I found a place with cream cheese so some Stag Chili would be awesome!!!

President Martins is soooo cool!!!! Way nice and really smart. I asked him a question that me and Henrique had been thinking about and didn’t know the answer to. It was some deeper doctrine too and I asked him, and he didn’t miss a beat and called out a scripture reference and then another and answered my question. So cool. He also gave a talk at a Fireside yesterday and it was so good!!! Well, the parts I understood. haha He also changed the rule against playing soccer. Since I’ve been out on my mission, the Elders were not allowed to play. Now we can. Everyone is way happy about that. Especially the Brazilians. I also asked him if he knew Uncle Dale like you and papa wondered. When I asked if he knew him he said, "Oh the late great Dale LeBaron" and then went on to talk about how they would travel together and give talks, and how it was a tragedy what had happened. So yes, he knew him very well. Uncle Dale is greatly loved!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I Think I Can and Other Brave Thoughts

Dear Family,

How is everyone? Hopefully good. Sounds like you all had a great time with the Clarkes … without me : ( haha. I’m glad to hear you had fun and it was good to hear all about the stuff you did. Papa didn’t eat it on the quad again like last time the whole family was up there right? I love it up there. It’s so pretty. I’m so bummed I missed getting to see the Aussies. I love those guys! They’re so much fun! And … I only missed them by two months. I did get to see Sandy one last time before I left so that was sweet.

Monday, July 18, 2011

The Work Continues With a New Mission President


Haha! Sounds like you guys are having fun with your computer stuff. It always seems that there is something in the Fox household that is giving us troubles. The boat, your PT, computers … always something! haha It’s pretty funny, especially now that I’m not there to be plagued by it too.

In the last email you asked about things people could send in packages. I didn’t give too many specifics, so here's a couple of things … That stuff that you add to water to make Gatorade! I’d be in heaven if I received that! I love Gatorade and it’s ridiculously expensive here. Mac and Cheese, Jell-O mix, pudding mix, Elder Henrique requested "the things like fireworks in your mouth" so pop rocks haha, Velveeta cheese (I live off of sandwiches and that stuff is bomb for grilled cheese, and also cheese is expensive here!!!), hot chocolate mix (because the ones here you need milk for, so it’s extra stuff to buy and when it’s cold out in the mornings, our house is freezing because it’s not insulated at all), and if you can still buy Carnation Instant Breakfast … some of that. You guys know me well. You know the type of things I like. Basically, anything easy to make and obviously won’t expire while being sent.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

"Sick Masks" & Making New Memories

* A week before Tavin left our house to enter the Provo MTC ... I came down with pneumonia. It wasn't the way I wanted to spend my last few days with Tavin ... but we made the most of it. : ) Dear Mom,

Sorry I haven’t written an email yet, but our P-Day got moved to Wednesday because we went to the temple today. I had to wait extra long to write home but on the plus side, my P-Day is on Monday next week so I’ll be able to write again in less than a week!!!!!

You just had to bring up Harry Potter didn’t you Mom?! haha I was talking with Mauricimo about midnight showings the other day, and how much fun they were. Wish I could be going with you guys but I have things of greater importance to do. haha

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Mayo and Saudade Moments


How are you? How is everything going at home and at work? So Mom was telling me in the emails, that you guys go to the lake a bunch but nobody yet has told me what kind of boat you got. So what kind? And did you get a good deal on it?

So there’s a couple of things that I’ve found kind of funny that reminds me of home, in a humorous sort of way. Like for one, when I would just toss my slacks on the magazine thing in my room and you would say my sloppiness will drive my companions crazy. Well … that’s not so. You should have seen this place when I got here. You would have hated it because you like things clean and I know because I didn’t even like it one bit. Like when you scrub a sink clean and it turns out to be orange when it originally looks like it should be either white or brown. Ya, not nice.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Spending the "4th of July" ... In Brazil?!!

Hey Everyone!!!!

How is everyone doing? What are your plans for the 4th of July? Also, you said Belle had a rough time with her first fast? When did she get baptized and why did nobody tell me? Did she feel like a "maniac" like Brittin? haha Belle … I had a hard time with the fast too last Sunday. I wasn’t very hungry but I was sooo thirsty!!!! Not drinking and walking everywhere is rough, but hey, the blessings are better than food or water.

So things are going good over here in Brazil. It's really weird for me not being in the U.S. today. It's actually kind of sad. I love our country so much and to not be there for a holiday solely about our country is hard. When I woke up this morning someone was playing our national anthem so that made me way happy. It was so strange knowing what day it is today and not seeing flags everywhere or going swimming and having barbeques and having a ton of fireworks to light off. But even though today was rough as far as missing my family and country, it was still a way fun day.