Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Mayo and Saudade Moments


How are you? How is everything going at home and at work? So Mom was telling me in the emails, that you guys go to the lake a bunch but nobody yet has told me what kind of boat you got. So what kind? And did you get a good deal on it?

So there’s a couple of things that I’ve found kind of funny that reminds me of home, in a humorous sort of way. Like for one, when I would just toss my slacks on the magazine thing in my room and you would say my sloppiness will drive my companions crazy. Well … that’s not so. You should have seen this place when I got here. You would have hated it because you like things clean and I know because I didn’t even like it one bit. Like when you scrub a sink clean and it turns out to be orange when it originally looks like it should be either white or brown. Ya, not nice.

Secondly, nobody can make any comments to you or I about the amount of condiments we put on burgers, sandwiches, etc. Why? Because I was at a burger place on my P-Day and I was looking at all their burger types. I just felt like a simple cheeseburger and in the description it says “a cheese and mayo burger”. So I got it. Holy cow! The ratio of mayo to burger/cheese was 2:1 and I’m not even exaggerating. I looked at it and it looked like there were two white patties on top and bottom of the burger. It was an off-white color because they cook the mayo. I took a bite. Ewwwww!!! Mayo squirted out of every side into my mouth. It was horrible.

The third was … our tries to get a motorcycle … and how Mom thinks they’re dangerous. I’m telling you, after being here, motorcycles in the States aren’t dangerous at all. I’m scared for some of these guys. Maybe if Mom saw how dangerous they could be, and how safe it is in the States, she’ll lighten up for us. Haha

The other day we were watching these church videos and one was about fatherhood. I started to cry. I miss you so much Dad. Oh man, I’m getting choked up just writing this. It’s hard being away from you guys sometimes. Like whenever I think about times we had throughout my life, it just kills me. But I’m doing something more important now and wouldn’t rather be anywhere else. In that letter you guys sent me that had the poem … I started to get choked up and tears were coming. I showed the poem to Elder Gutzman who grew up really close too, and he has a similar family with the same type of relationships, and he started to cry too. It was a pretty sad moment. Then an Elder grabbed it and was reading it out loud, but in a mocking way, and added some verses to it and … well let’s just say … the spirit wasn’t with me at that moment cause I kind of lost it with him. He was taking something that was special to me and making fun of it. Maybe it was just his way of dealing with emotions he doesn’t usually feel. Anyways, thanks for sending that. I really liked it.

I should wrap this up. My companion is trying to comfort me and he can’t understand me … how I’m not sad. I’m just having a “saudades” for my family. Haha Saudades is a word in Portuguese that doesn’t really translate to anything in English. It is kind of like a longing for something/someone or like a nostalgic moment … but a huge case of nostalgia. It’s hard to explain. It’s just something you know the meaning of because you feel it.

Well, I have to go. Love you Dad!! Sorry for the tear-drop-smudged paper. Miss ya and love you!


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