Monday, July 25, 2011

Missionary Work ... From Generation to Generation

Dear Family,

That’s awesome that the computer problems have come to an end!!

Yes … I got the package. I got it on July 21st at my interview with President Martins. Thanks so much for the sweaters and tie!!! That same day I got 9 letters!!! It was awesome!!!! Also, speaking of packages … if you guys were thinking of sending another anytime soon … some things that would be appreciated would be a portable CD player and some church/orchestral music so we can listen to it in our apartment and some deodorant because it’s expensive here. Also, I found a place with cream cheese so some Stag Chili would be awesome!!!

President Martins is soooo cool!!!! Way nice and really smart. I asked him a question that me and Henrique had been thinking about and didn’t know the answer to. It was some deeper doctrine too and I asked him, and he didn’t miss a beat and called out a scripture reference and then another and answered my question. So cool. He also gave a talk at a Fireside yesterday and it was so good!!! Well, the parts I understood. haha He also changed the rule against playing soccer. Since I’ve been out on my mission, the Elders were not allowed to play. Now we can. Everyone is way happy about that. Especially the Brazilians. I also asked him if he knew Uncle Dale like you and papa wondered. When I asked if he knew him he said, "Oh the late great Dale LeBaron" and then went on to talk about how they would travel together and give talks, and how it was a tragedy what had happened. So yes, he knew him very well. Uncle Dale is greatly loved!

We have a bunch of baptisms set up for the weekends in August. We have a very very firm one on the 6th and then again on the 20th. I believe we have 4 more people, and they have family we’re working with too, so maybe more. On the 27th we have another one and her grandson seems interested in our church too. She has other family she wants us to teach so we might get more. So yes … one every weekend in August except one (if they all work out). More than likely I will be celebrating Belle’s baptism over here ... with a baptism of my own.

I want to send home a cassette with pictures too so I can explain the pictures and give a story with them. However, I’m not sending other stuff home with it because it’s going to cost me an arm and a leg just to send the package with the cassette.

The stake I’m in is Pirituba and my proselyting area is Freguesia Do Ó (that’s my ward name too). I’m in São Paulo and it’s a pretty nice area. A lot of the members seem to be pretty well off.

Yesterday in church we had 4 investigators there and a less active we’ve been working with that wants to come back to church after this last Sunday!!! So that was cool and her family isn’t members so we will teach them too. Who knows … maybe we can convert them also. Oh! Did I tell you the scenario we have to work with? I’m not sure if I did so I will now. So we have a couple … one’s a member … the other isn’t. The non-member wants to be baptized and has been taught everything but they are not married. That’s a problem we have here a lot but this time is different. His girlfriend wants to leave him and we think it’s partially because he won’t be baptized. It’s a catch 22. She doesn’t want to marry him because he’s not a member and is thinking about leaving him which he doesn’t want to happen but he can’t be a member unless they’re married. He asked us for help. Basically, we have to repair they’re relationship, get them married, and then get him baptized. It’s like D&C 4… “For behold a marvelous work is about to come forth among the children of men”. If we can pull this off it will be a marvelous work!

I have picked a scripture. I’ve known it for a while but I keep forgetting to write it to you. I'll write it in my letter today, and again in the email next week. If I forget next week … it’ll be in the mail. It’s in Alma 26. That chapter is awesome! Well, all of Alma (about the sons of Mosiah) but I really like that one in particular. I just can’t remember which verse.

Well I have to go. Love you guys tons!!!


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  1. It makes my day when you post on here Kim! Sounds like he is doing great - so happy for him!