Wednesday, July 13, 2011

"Sick Masks" & Making New Memories

* A week before Tavin left our house to enter the Provo MTC ... I came down with pneumonia. It wasn't the way I wanted to spend my last few days with Tavin ... but we made the most of it. : ) Dear Mom,

Sorry I haven’t written an email yet, but our P-Day got moved to Wednesday because we went to the temple today. I had to wait extra long to write home but on the plus side, my P-Day is on Monday next week so I’ll be able to write again in less than a week!!!!!

You just had to bring up Harry Potter didn’t you Mom?! haha I was talking with Mauricimo about midnight showings the other day, and how much fun they were. Wish I could be going with you guys but I have things of greater importance to do. haha

Britt! I better hear all about this dance and any boys that might be a problem! Because if there are any … you better be sure I’ll … ummmm … write them! Not very intimidating but it’s the best I got. Also Brittin, I met your future husband here in Brazil. I told him about you and showed him a picture. At first he just laughed and said, “Oh … I don't know” and then I showed him the pictures and, well, his answer changed. He had that look and the way he was acting you could tell he thinks you’re cute. He's a stud too. Really cool. He kind of reminds me of a combo of me and our cousin Tanner. I told him to Facebook you so if someone messages you … that’s my future cunhado (Brother-in-law). haha

Belle … you’re doing dance? That’s awesome! I hope you like it. You should try basketball or soccer too!!!!

As far as letters go, they get sent to the Mission Home and then given to our Zone Leaders, who then give them to us in our District Meetings on Tuesdays. But I haven’t really been getting any mail from home. I didn’t get Teena’s package and no they don’t forward them to us in the field. That’s why they have the no package rule in the CTM. It takes awhile for them to arrive and if it comes after we leave, we don’t get it. I haven’t received anything since I’ve been here really. I did get a letter Peter sent to the Provo MTC about me getting my visa and how cool it was that I could experience both MTC’s. haha I got that the first day in the field. I got a big orange thing of letters in the CTM and one letter from you right after you got the email with the pictures of me and the Mission President and me and my companion. And, yes, that look of “What am I doing?” in the picture that you talked about … was definitely how I was feeling! haha I've been writing letters every P-Day so I hope you’re getting them.

To answer some of your questions … The weather is kind of crazy. Some days it’ll be freezing and then it’ll get really hot. This week has been pretty hot! And the humidity is killing me! My back gets soaking from my backpack and yesterday we took two boxes of food to a family but it was so hot! The box was full of rice and beans and really heavy. We had to walk from the church. To help you understand, it would probably be the distance from our house to the 711 on Pacific. The whole way we were carrying these heavy boxes of rice and beans and walking in the hot sun. I was dripping sweat when I got there.

We're teaching lots of people too. The other day we dropped a bunch that weren’t progressing or weren’t willing to change. We weren’t getting anywhere with them. It was so sad! I felt horrible about it but we can’t be wasting our time with someone who isn’t accepting the gospel when we could be teaching someone who is. Typically, we've been doing only referrals and some people will just walk up to us and want to learn about our church. Yesterday a guy that was very drunk came up to us and told us he needs Christ in his life. We’re going to go teach him and hopefully he remembers us. haha Yesterday we went out tracting … going door knocking. Although, I don’t know why they call it door knocking (well door hitting) here when we never knock on doors. Only clap. We met some really awesome people that I think will be good investigators.

For our meals, we eat in member’s houses just about every day for lunch and for breakfast. The meals we make are typically bread, fruit, or juice. Not much. But we get good food from members. They are so kind and generous. If they don’t have food prepared for us, they give us money. They are amazing people! As far as the food goes … we eat rice and beans … everyday … every lunch. Sometimes other stuff, but always that. It’s pretty good! I have really learned to love it.

I'm almost out of time, but to quickly answer about the packages … anything that is easy to make. Mac and Cheese, pudding mix … whatever. We don’t have much food.

I love you so much Mom and I miss you tons! Here’s something that will make your day … In the picture album the family gave me (which is really useful because lots of people ask to see pictures of my family so I carry it around everywhere) … do you remember the first picture of me and you when we have those sick masks on? Everyone so far has thought you were my sister! And then when they flip to the next page which is a picture of Kassie, they flip back and forth and ask, “It’s not the same person then?” And then on some other pictures too, they will ask if you’re my mom or sister. And they all say you’re beautiful … which you are!! Love you Mom! Can’t wait until Christmas to call home. I’ll make a recording soon too.

Well I have to get going. I love you all and hope everything is going good!!!



PS – One more thing. I don’t know if anywhere sells them or not now that it’s summer (and in Vegas), but if you could find some cheaper cardigan sweaters … would you mind sending it to me? It gets kind of chilly here since it’s winter. It’s not that bad on a normal day but when it rains, like today, it gets really cold. Like yesterday it was hot and humid during the day but then a storm rolled in and it got cold. So a cardigan sweater would be nice because I can stick it in my backpack when it’s hot and at night I can put it on. I can’t do that with a suit. haha If you can’t find one … no worries. Maybe I’ll be able to find a cheap one here. Just let me know. Thanks! Love you!

Also, here’s the address of our Mission Home where letters get sent to:
Elder Tavin Glenn Fox
Brazil Sao Paulo North Mission
Rua Dr. Rui Batista Pereira, 165
Jardim Caxingui0
5517-080 Sao Paulo – SP

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