Monday, July 18, 2011

The Work Continues With a New Mission President


Haha! Sounds like you guys are having fun with your computer stuff. It always seems that there is something in the Fox household that is giving us troubles. The boat, your PT, computers … always something! haha It’s pretty funny, especially now that I’m not there to be plagued by it too.

In the last email you asked about things people could send in packages. I didn’t give too many specifics, so here's a couple of things … That stuff that you add to water to make Gatorade! I’d be in heaven if I received that! I love Gatorade and it’s ridiculously expensive here. Mac and Cheese, Jell-O mix, pudding mix, Elder Henrique requested "the things like fireworks in your mouth" so pop rocks haha, Velveeta cheese (I live off of sandwiches and that stuff is bomb for grilled cheese, and also cheese is expensive here!!!), hot chocolate mix (because the ones here you need milk for, so it’s extra stuff to buy and when it’s cold out in the mornings, our house is freezing because it’s not insulated at all), and if you can still buy Carnation Instant Breakfast … some of that. You guys know me well. You know the type of things I like. Basically, anything easy to make and obviously won’t expire while being sent.

I want to send that cassette home but it might cost me a ton. I’m going to find that out tomorrow. And, yes we get out letters on Tuesday at our District Meeting and if we have any other meeting after then we get them then too. If we don’t, and they get the letters on Wednesday, I have to wait for the next Tuesday to get them and that means I miss a P-Day too.

We’re teaching a bunch of people right now but I’ll tell you about a couple that I’m really hoping for. The first is Jessica. She works with some members so that’s how we met her. She speaks English too, so I taught her a lesson in English because I was having trouble in Portuguêse. I think she believes what we are teaching her and she told me that she’s been praying for something to change her life for the better. Our big problem with her is that she won’t come to church. The last 2 Sundays we’ve been trying to get her to go but so far, no luck. We're still trying to figure out why, but I think it’s the social aspect of it all. She’s also quitting her job with the members, to go teach English, so we need to get her address this week (we’ve been teaching at her work) or else that’s the end of her. We got some new investigators the other day and they accepted baptismal dates if they get an answer. They said they'd come to church and we went to pick them up but they had gone somewhere already and didn’t come. I don’t know what happened, but we’ll try for next week. Last night we taught a lesson to this man who called to us from his window so we went inside and taught him and his grandson and they accepted dates. They are really awesome and really nice too!!! Then there’s Leonardo who is 16 and a cool guy. He wants to be baptized but the only problem is his parents won’t give the ok. We finally figured out why though. They just want to make sure this is actually what he wants and so they want him to go to church regularly for a bit and then he can. They are worried that he'll just get baptized and then stop. I guess you can’t blame them for that. He was at church yesterday, and today was playing basketball with some of the youth. He has been coming to lots of things so he'll be able to strengthen the social bonds in the ward hopefully. I don’t have too much time left, and I still need to write my Mission President so I’ll stop with them.

Also, I thought I already answered this but ya, my new President is already here. That’s the reason I left the CTM a week early because he was arriving the same week I was supposed to. So basically, I didn’t spend any time with President Cooley. But our new President is way cool. We had a big meeting with him where him and his wife talked about themselves a bit, like their history, and then let us ask questions. He’s very smart and knows his scriptures! haha We have an interview with him this week and he's coming to our ward on Sunday and doing a fireside that night!!!

So one thing I've been wondering is, what are things like back home without me? Like what are some of the big differences, that after I left you guys were like, “Whoa! This is way different without Tavin.” Peter said you guys have a lot more left-overs. haha Well I gotta go.

I love you guys!!!

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