Monday, August 22, 2011

Cold Days and Warm Hearts!


PARA BEMS BELLE!!!!!!!  Glad to hear your baptism was awesome!!  Saturday night when I was laying in bed, I was thinking, “Belles probably getting baptized right now“.  Then I got a little choked up.  Just know I was thinking about you.

How are you guys back home?  Nice and hot?  I’m stinkin’ freezing right now!!!  haha  It’s been so hot these last few weeks and then we had a rainy day …  and I mean rainy … like all day long non stop.  The rain is bitter sweet because the rain is kind of annoying but it’s not burning hot when it’s raining.  However, after it got COLD!  Yesterday was horrible!  Worst weather since I’ve been here!  Windy and freezing and rainy too.  Today was more or less nice.  Not too cold but raining a bit.  Now that it’s getting dark out, it’s getting pretty stinkin’ cold.  I haven’t seen the sun in 4 days.  On the plus side … I don’t get as sweaty.

So today for P-Day guess what we did.  Yup … soccer again.  Haha  I still suck but I’m getting a bit better.  Maybe by the time I end my mission I’ll be decent.

Things are going good with us.  We’re working hard and teaching lots.  Our only problem is getting people to church.  They want to get baptized but don’t want to go.  It’s so frustrating.  I don’t know what I’m supposed to do to get them going.  We’ve got to be doing something wrong, or have something that we can be doing better, but I don’t know what that is.  I just want to help them so badly because I know how much good the gospel will add to their lives and to their families.  I can see it from an eternal perspective and not just an in-the-moment perspective.  This one investigator Gabriel, the one I always say is elect or golden, I swear everything in the world is going against this kid to keep him from church.  He promised us he’d come two weeks ago and we said we'd be waiting for him out front like we do every Sunday for our investigators when they don’t want us to swing by and bring them with us.  That Sunday comes and he’s a no show.  I couldn’t figure out why.  The next time we went over there, we asked him about it and he did go.  He came to church early and we were still in our meeting.  Obviously, when he couldn’t find us he went back home.  I felt so bad when he said that, because he was there and it was our fault.  Then last Sunday we told him we’d swing by and bring him with us and when we got to his house he couldn’t come because he was way sick.  Uugghhh!  We just have to get him to church and I’m pretty sure he’ll be baptized.  We also met his younger brother who is really cool.  He really likes us.  His younger brother, that’s in the middle of the two kids … we met in the road.  He’s always busy and never home when we swing by, but his grandma said he wants to meet us and learn too.  So we were in the road and he stopped us and talked to us a bit.  He’s really cool too!  Their Grandma is so sweet!  She always gives us food and stuff and now she’s going to embroider hand towels for us.  Such an awesome family.

Our last investigator we baptized was talking with us and was saying how awesome his life is now that he’s been baptized.  He said work has been so much easier and enjoyable.  People at his work that never really talked to him before, now are.  He went to a Single Adult activity and now he’s good friends with a bunch of people from that.  He said basically, “My life just rocks now so, thank you guys so much!”  It was so cool!  To see all these incredible changes are amazing.  Even better than that ... to see people so much more happy after the gospel comes into their lives is amazing!  It just goes to show how the gospel can bless your life in every aspect of it.  I’m so glad to be out here bringing that happiness to people.  (If only they’d stinkin’ come to church.  haha)

Well … gotta run!  Love you guys and hope all is going well!  Also … Belle looks beautiful in the pictures!!!  And Dad is a stud too!!  Love you guys!



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