Monday, August 15, 2011

"Got Milk? That Doesn't Have to be Refrigerated ... and Other Questions"

Elder Fox wrote earlier about enjoying hot dogs Brazilian style … well here they are!
Dear Family,

OK ... I have a lot of unanswered questions from you guys so now is the time to knock some of those questions off the list.

First off … about the weather here.  It’s crazy!  Like one day it’ll be hot and the next freezing.  Or it’ll be beautiful one second and the next windy and cloudy.  One day we were out and it was kind of baking hot and sunny.  We went into a house, taught a lesson, and when we left, you couldn’t see any sky and it was freezing out!  It’s just insane.  I’m not even joking about this but … one time it was raining and there wasn’t any clouds above us.  There were some dark ones far away but it was sunny where we were.  Maybe a wind carried it or something.  I don’t know.  That’s the weather during the winter (and always humid).
To answer when it changes from winter to spring … I have no idea.  It doesn’t feel that much like winter.  Except on the days when I wake up and it’s freezing!  I don’t like those mornings because our house is not insulated at all.

I don’t know how big our apartment is … like I don’t know the measurements.  It actually isn’t an apartment.  I called it an apartment at first because of the area I live (like inside our gate) there’s us and two other families.  One of the families, we don’t see too much, but they’re very nice and the dad is really cool.  I call him Lil’ John because he looks like the rapper.  He’s got dread locks and is always wearing sunglasses ... these really cool Ray Bans.  In the other house is Francine.  She is a member but was in an accident so it’s hard for her to leave and go to church.  She’s also an ex-famous singer.  Pretty cool.

Other questions … “How much is a gallon of milk?”  No idea.  We can’t buy a gallon of milk.  It’s either a bottle that’s only 1 liter, a bag that who knows how much it contains, the powdered kind, or this box that’s the kind of milk you have to keep cold.  I don’t buy that much milk because it’s not that good.  It’s alright but I prefer water, soda, and juice.  I only buy it for making food or vitamina de banana.  There are two kinds of milk I do like in the 1 liter bottles.  One tastes just like American milk and is R$8.  The other is pretty good and R$2.  So if I want milk just to drink, I buy that.

My ward starts at 9:00 am (5:00 am for you guys.)  I’m pretty sure I’ve already answered this but people keep asking me so I will answer it again to be safe … I only cover one ward.  No the CTM is not in my area.  I have no idea how many missionaries are in my mission … a lot!  “How many cars?” … ZERO!  Nobody gets a car or bike or anything.  Not even the AP’s.  It’s 100% walking / bus (if you can afford it).  We use the bus hardly ever because my area doesn’t get too much money.  They give other areas more depending on the size and cost of things.  We get the mininum amount and typically run out of money at the end of the month.  We are getting better at mapping out our money.  However, sometimes something comes up or we have to buy stuff for our house and there goes our money.  Last pay segment, I was able to end up with a bit of extra so on Elder Henrique’s "Hump Day", I’m going to buy us pizza and maybe some other food.

“Do you ever see your buddies from the MTC on P-Days?”  I see one that I met in the CTM here, every week in our District Meetings and when we spend P-Days as a Zone too.  He’s cool.  I only saw the other two when we went to the Policia Federal.  I’m pretty sure I already wrote about that.

Well … that’s all the questions that I can remember.  If there is more that are still unanswered you should put them all in a list in one letter so it’s easier to reply.  Just read and respond.  And if you guys have more … ask away!

It’s getting late and I’m beat so I better get going.  Love you guys!


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