Monday, August 15, 2011

Just Going With the Flow ... Even When It's Green!

(Belle was sad that her brother wasn't going to be at her baptism.  However, when she heard his voice over the speakers (he sent a tape to play at her baptism as a surprise) the tears and joy were overflowing!)

Happy anniversary!!!  How was it?  How's everyone doing???  Hopefully good.

We just got back from the Stake Center where we played a bit of soccer and had a barbecue too.  The steaks were way good!  It’s cool because we all brought R$5 a person and when you buy meat in bulk you can get it for way cheap so we had a lot of food.  I'm still horrible at soccer but it’s lots of fun.  haha

I got the invitation and Belle looks beautiful as usual.  When people are looking at my pictures that I have, they always comment how beautiful all the girls (mom included) are.  And on top of that, they always talk about Belle’s eyes.  People will say, “There’s no way those are real.” or tons of different stuff.  One person even said that Belle’s perfect!  Blonde hair … blue eyes … beautiful skin … everything. haha  It’s funny to hear the stuff people say about the girls.  Some people have called all 4 of you “Barbies” (which here … is a very good thing!).

I’m glad to hear about all the fun you had at the lake with the Nielsons.  Katie and Holly are my buds!  If I get time ... I want to write them a letter and see how things are going.  

One more thing to ask … when you guys met Chuck Norris, did you take a picture?  If so, can you send it to me?  I told Elder Henrique that you guys met him and he freaked out!  He told this recent convert and he was like, “No freakin’ way!”  He’s huge here!  So if you did get one, you should send it to me so I can have that picture.  Haha

Ok … onto how things are here.  First of all, yesterday pretty much sucked.  Why?  Because it was Father’s Day here so I had to experience the sadness a second time.  Once in the CTM when it was the American Father's Day and then yesterday.  Although, I was able to hold it together yesterday during church.  Unlike Mother’s Day in the Provo MTC.  I lost it when Sister Wing was giving her talk in Sacrament Meeting.  Anyways, I was pretty homesick and the remedy for that sickness … work harder!  We set out to go to work and NOBODY wanted us to teach them or come over.  I swear we were lepers!  haha  It makes sense.  I wouldn’t want two younger guys over at my house preaching on Father’s Day.  But it wasn't too much fun for us.  Eventually, when everything had fallen through and we had no one else to teach, we went home and did some work on the area book since it wasn’t organized very well.  (That’s a really important part of the missionary work.)  Once we had that all nice, we set out again and eventually got into one house a little before 9 when we had to go back for the night.  Brutal day!

Our baptism last Saturday was … interesting.  We filled the font up the day before because the baptism was in the morning and the water that came out was a greenish yellow.  Something was wrong with the water.  Elder Henrique said there was nothing else we could do so we took off.  The next day we were at the chapel before the baptism and Elder Henrique decides that, even though before he said the water was fine, now we need to refill it.  He starts to drain it without telling me because … well … I was confined to the bathroom from something I had eaten.  haha  It starts to drain at 9:55 and the baptism starts at 10.  I came out and wasn’t too happy because it takes about 45 min to fill but a little over an hour to drain!  We quickly got buckets and went to work bailing water to help it drain faster.  Then we had to fill it back up and … it was the same color!!  We wasted all that time for nothing and now it’s 11:45!  Raú has to leave for work at 12!  So poor Raú was baptized in freezing greenish yellow water!  haha  I’m just glad I wasn’t the one doing it.  I’m sure he will never forget his baptism … in more ways than one.

About the “Urgent” letter thing.  Lol  That was a result of my misunderstanding the lady at the Post Office.  Lindsey got one too.  Basically, the language barrier is the reason for 2 very expensive letters being mailed.  I didn’t understand perfectly what she was saying to me and accidentally said “Yes!” to the wrong thing.  haha  The language is coming along way better but with some people they’re still WAY hard to understand.

Well, I have to get running so I’ll talk to you guys later.  I love you guys and I miss you!!!  Hopefully everything is going well with you all!  Also I’m still waiting to see pictures.  You guys can send stuff over emails and I can see them here so feel free to send me some.  Love ya all!!!


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