Monday, August 8, 2011

Mail From Home and Baptisms ... Life Is Good!

(Elder Fox seems to get his letters in waves ... nothing for a long time ... and then a bunch all at once.  A very happy day!)

(An even better day!)

(This is what it's all about.)
 Dear family,

That's awesome that you guys got my package so quick!!!!  Way cool!

To answer your question about the Portuguêse … yes it’s getting easier to talk to people and understand them.  I’m getting to a point where I don’t have to translate in my head from English to Portuguêse and vise versa.  I’m starting to get to a point where I don’t even notice they’re speaking Portuguêse to me.  I just understand them and can start talking no problem.  It’s a huge blessing that I’m having.  Like the other night I was talking with Elder Henrique while we were walking, and I said something and he said, “How did you know that word?” and I had no idea.  Haha  It was sweet!  I guess I say “like” a lot when I’m speaking just kind of out of habit.  Elder Henrique always likes to point it out to me and teases me about it.  It’s funny.  He says, “You’re speaking so well and then you just have to throw out “like” when you’re thinking of the word.”  But now I’m getting back at him and correcting his Portuguêse on the rare occasions he says something with the wrong conjugation, or something like that, and I recognize it.  Then I get to tease him and say, “I’m getting better at Portuguêse than you!”  Then he puts me in my place and talks very fast using big words and I have no idea what he’s saying.  haha  Good times!  He keeps me humble.  Lol

Today we walked all the way to our Stake Center for a big game of soccer with my zone and another zone.  It was so much fun!!!  Everyone was really excited because, before now, nobody has been able to play soccer.  Today was our first game.  First of all … I’m HORRIBLE at soccer!  haha  Second of all … Brazilians are REALLY GOOD at soccer!  But it was a good time.  I got a couple goals.  Well, it wasn’t really soccer.  It was futsal which is a smaller type.  You play on a basketball court and the goals are smaller too.  After we were done playing, one of the Elders made lunch for everyone.  That was way good!  After eating we hung out a bit, got changed back into our missionary clothes and took off.  A bunch of people hung around to play basketball and I really wanted to play (maybe redeem myself for being bad at soccer) but we took off anyways because we still needed to write letters and emails.  Before we left, the ZL's gave us our mail and I got 10 letters!!!  Oh it was a happy day!!!  Everyone was like, “Those are all for you?!?!?!”  I was so excited!

On Saturday we baptized Eduardo finally!!!!  (He was the one that asked US if he could be baptized.)  This dude is so awesome!  It’s just taken us a while because he works in Rio and lives here.  He is only here on weekends so it was hard to work something out.  But he’s so awesome!  In his free time, he'd get online and watch or listen to conference talks.  President Hinckley is his favorite.  While driving he would listen to them too … or church music.  He's the type of investigator everyone wants.  When Elder Henrique finished the prayer and was about to dunk him, WOW, the spirit was strong!!!!  I don’t know what it was but when Elder Henrique was about to baptize him my heart rate tripled and I wanted to jump up and shout "VAI EDUARDO!!!!"  It was such and awesome experience!!

We also have this other investigator we met when we were going door to door, and this guy and his grandma who we met later are golden too.  He has lots of family that are members and one of his cousins just finished serving his mission.  It’s hard to teach them because they’re really busy.  The last time we talked with the grandson really quickly at his door, we asked him if he’s been reading and he said, “Not very much.  I’m only on page 80.”  Elder Henrique didn’t really catch onto the page number at first …  only the “not very much” and started to say kind of bummed, "Oh alright well … “ (At this point I’m thinking in my head, “Ok, what page?  I must have misunderstood the number.”) and then he caught himself and was like, “Wait!  What page?!!”  Ya … he’s ONLY on page 80!  Haha  So cool.  He’s so nice too!  He’s 16 so one day he could serve a mission!

So remember the couple that I talked about where one was a member and one was not?  And we had this catch 22 to try and work out?  Well Raú (the nonmember) is getting baptized this week!!!  He's turned out to be such a good investigator.  He’s way strong and doesn’t drink alcohol or coffee or smoke … nothing!  He’s so ready and excited for it!  It’s really exciting!  I’ll try and email the pictures of his baptism and Eduardo’s too.  I just have to find a member that’ll do it for me.

I have to go.  I’m almost out of time.  I love you all and I miss you tons!!!


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