Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Series of Unfortunate Events

(A missionary Elder Fox will remember his entire life.  This missionary is the one who "smashed" Elder Fox's thumb but more importantly ... this Elder became his "eternal best friend".)
Dear Family,

How is everyone?  Let’s see here … I’ll be sending this on the 9th so if it takes the usual two weeks for this to get home, Belle will already be baptized!!!  So congrats Belle!!!  If you haven’t yet, then wait until you are and then reread this part.  Haha  You guys need to send me pictures!  Put them in the email you send and I can look at them when I read the email.

I always forget stuff when I’m writing my emails.  I forget to answer things you guys ask me.  Sometimes I remember to write them in my letters but sometimes I forget to answer them at all.  In case I forgot to answer your question in my letter last week … yes I found my license.  It had fallen behind one of the pictures in my scrapbook.  Someone was looking at it and when they turned the page something hard was in there.  They were like, “What’s this?”  So, ya, I found it.

Also about going to a doctor when I'm not feeling well … no thanks, I’ll pass.  I’m not going to a doctor for something that may or may not be a problem.  I’ll just wait it out and if I did catch something, I’ll just wait until I take “The Bomb” and that will take care of it.  Peter probably knows what “The Bomb” is.  It’s a pill we take that kills everything inside of you and cleans you out good.  Haha

I have so much to say, and so many stories to tell, but hardly any time.  Coming back from futsal, we got stopped by someone, talked to them about our church (they are coming on Sunday or so they said) and then I had to finish my laundry (not as fast when you don’t have a washer.  I have to use that sink with ridges and a brush to wash my clothes).  So, ya, I don’t have too much time.  Plus it’s very painful to write.  I swear my mission has been a series of accidents.  Haha  Thumb, cuts while cutting away stuff with a machete, and then the other day during our sinasio time I was doing push-ups.  I usually do 100 a day … this day I wanted to do a bit more and was messing around with pushing myself in the air and clapping and I think I dislocated my shoulder or sprained it pretty bad.  I did a face plant and couldn’t move it too well.  I had Elder Henrique push my arm into my shoulder.  It popped and felt a bit better but still hurts.  Between my lack of time and being sore, this is definitely my only letter I’m writing today.  Oh man, this letter is going to be way lame but I just looked at the time and it’s 5 minutes to 6:00 and I still need to get dressed in missionary attire, do my hair and stuff, and be out teaching by 6.  So gotta go!  I love you guys!  Sorry for the short letter!  Love you all and I miss you!!!


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