Sunday, August 7, 2011

Small Emergencies and Blessings

Dear Family,

Sorry I’m not writing everyone but I didn’t have as much time as I thought I would.  Today we woke up, studied, got ready, and all that jazz.  P-Day doesn’t start until 10 am so at 10 we cleaned our house and after that I wrote Dad’s letter.  Then we went to this place that makes asai smoothies, that are pretty dang good, and they have a bunch of computers to use.  We wrote our emails and then I went to pay and my credit card that the mission gives us wasn’t working.  Thankfully, the people that owned it are cool and let us go to the bank to get money to pay them.  I was surprised, but they recognized we were missionaries (remember it was P-Day) when we first got there, so I think that’s why they trusted us.  So we ran over to the bank, went back and paid them, and also got two pasteis (which are delicious) for lunch.  Just a little side note ... mustard is WAY better here than in the States.  It is actually really tasty!!!  It has a totally different taste to it.  Anyways, after that, we went and got some groceries and ran into a recent convert Raphael.  We spent some time with Raphael and then walked back home.  Once we got back ... an emergency hit ... we both had to go to the bathroom.  Only there was one problem ... we didn't have any toilet paper so we ran down to the church.  Once there, the Bishop asked us to stick around to help him bless his daughter.  We waited around and were really thankful for the opportunity to help out.  I guess blessings come out of small emergencies.  haha  When we finally got home, one of the people in the same building as us asked if we could help her with some stuff.  She’s old and all alone and has to use a walker, so we helped her out.  Now we only have like … 0 time for P-Day relaxing / letter writing.  So this is the reason for only a Dad letter and a generic one.

I’ll try and respond to stuff in the tape if I have time for that after I talk about pictures.  But a couple of things I need to do.  First … my favorite scripture.  It’s Alma 26:27.  This scripture stood out to me a lot in the MTC when I read it but so much more now being out in the field.  It’s hard here.  Those first couple of days I wasn’t super excited.  Like I was, but I would get so frustrated that I couldn’t talk to anyone or help anyone.  I prayed more in that first week than I think I ever have.  I had to put all my trust in the Lord.  I really needed his help.  When I prayed, I felt comforted.  I knew I wasn't alone.  Or I would read my patriarchal blessing and feel comforted and knew that Heavenly Father loves me and will give me success if I’m patient and try.  I just couldn’t give up.  And that’s exactly what it says in this scripture.  That’s why I picked this one.  It’s kind of funny too … since Brazilians, like Brazilian Brazilians not immigrants, are Lamanites it’s even more of a realistic scripture.  If you haven’t read Alma 26 in awhile, or don’t remember it, you should definitely read it in a perspective of a missionary.  It’s kind of neat to see the differences you notice in yourself on a mission.  Like before my mission, and in the MTC, I would read but not get tons out of it.  Now during our study time that we get, I can’t get enough of it.  Sometimes I wish I could just spend a whole day reading the scriptures because an hour isn’t enough time to study them and the lessons.

Anyways, I have to get going.  We have FHE tonight at Pedro’s house.  Love you guys so much and miss you!


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