Monday, September 19, 2011

Eating Lunch and "Dying" Missionaries

(Shortly after Elder Fox first arrived in his area ... this Sister was baptized.)
Hey everyone!!!!

Today is the day they let us know about transfers.  We won’t find out until we receive a phone call sometime tonight.  I’m so anxious to find out what’s going on!  From the looks of it, in my Zone, there’s going to be a lot of changes.  There are two missionaries that are "dying" this week (ending their two years) so there’s for sure two.  Chances are, if Elder Henrique leaves, I’ll stay.  I’m thinking he'll leave because he's been here for 71/2 months already!!!  So who knows … but this is going to be a big transfer.  President Martins seems to be wanting to make a lot of changes … or so the rumors go at least.  Some other people are thinking they are going to shut the area Brasilandia down because it’s not doing so good.  I really REALLY hope they don’t!  There’s a pretty good chance I’m staying in Freguesia do ó and if Brasilandia shuts down … I’ll have to be the missionary for both areas!!!  Oh, that would not be fun.  So fingers crossed it stays open.  Haha

Today for P-Day we played soccer … again!  I like the sport and all (even though I suck) but today wasn’t much fun.  Tons of missionaries came to play with us, so there was a lot more people.  A lot more people means that everyone plays a lot less.  That's not a big deal but when it's just our Zone, or just us and Jaraguar it’s always just for fun.  Today, people started to get very competitive and … well … when guys get competitive and when certain Americans aren’t very good at the sport … it’s a lot less fun.  Once again, we all pooled money to have a barbeque, but a lot of extra people came who didn’t feel like paying so we were short on food.  Oh well.  It was still fun.  After I got tired of all the competition, I went inside the chapel where one of my Zone Leaders, Elder Syphus, was.  He was sick and couldn’t play anymore and so we just sat and chatted.  He's an awesome guy and is really fun to talk with.  He's from St. George.

I got my package today.  It was a couple of days after September 15th but no biggy.  I‘ll open it tonight once we’re done for the day.  I have no idea what's inside.  I'm looking forward to the surprise.  Thanks so much for sending it!

This week was the confirmation of our baptism last week and church.  (They like new members to be confirmed in church during Sacrament Meeting.)  Church started and our new convert and his mom weren’t there!!  The rule is … if he doesn’t get confirmed the Sunday after … his baptism would be invalid!  We quickly called them up and his mom, Mary, answered and said he was sick.  They probably weren’t going to come to church because she needed to stay and take care of him.  We explained the situation and she was like, “Ok.  We'll try.”  WE'LL TRY?!!  Elder Henrique repeated again how  important it was and then he hung up.  Thankfully, they showed up for Sacrament Meeting (which is last) and he was able to get confirmed.  I was pretty amazed with this sacrifice.  He wasn’t feeling well but yet he knew how important his baptism was to him and his Heavenly Father.  I was impressed with his dedication.

Afterwards, Elder Henrique made me laugh about the situation.  He said, "Wouldn’t that suck if he didn’t get confirmed and then you and I got transferred?"  I asked him why and he said, "Well, I know numbers aren’t important but it’s nice to have them and if he didn’t get confirmed this Sunday the first person that you performed the ordinance of baptism for would be a number for whatever other missionary who comes along.  I don’t know about you, but if we teach someone and baptize them, I’d like to have the number."  haha  Of course, I really don’t like the whole number thing.  I’m here to teach and help the people of Brazil.  Whether I’m “planting a seed” or “harvesting” … as long as I’m doing what the Lord needs me to be doing … that’s all that is important.  It was just the way Elder Henrique said it.  It was so funny.  He makes me laugh a lot with his comments.  Like the other day we were teaching an investigator with a member, and they asked if he's learned English yet.  Elder Henrique said, "I only know a couple things … 'I need to pee', 'I see dead people' … just basic things."  Oohhh it was so funny because he said it all in Portuguêse except “I need to pee” and “I see dead people” which were in English.  The stuff he said in English … I was the only one that understood, and when he said it he said it so matter-of-factly, and without a humorous tone, they were like, “Oh that’s so cool that you can speak basic things in English.”  Oh man.  I was laughing my head off!

Well, I have to get running now.  I love you guys so much and I miss you tons!!  However, I wouldn’t rather be anywhere else.  Today one of the Elders that is “dying” this week, asked me where I’d be eating lunch on Thursday.  I told him the member that we had scheduled and then he said, "Oh ya, well I’ll be eating lunch in my house!  Jealous?"  I thought about it, and to be honest, I wasn’t jealous.  I’d rather be eating lunch here and still serving a mission.  This is where the Lord needs me.  I still have so much work to do.  I miss you guys tons but not enough to be coming home before they make me.  haha  I hope everyone is good!!  I love you all.


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