Monday, September 5, 2011

Having a "Ball" With Funky Missionary Tans!

(A beautiful picture Elder Fox took of the Sao Paulo Temple.)

(A day spent with other missionaries at the Temple.)

(PS - These are some of the pictures Elder Fox was writing about ... wondering if
"a certain missionary, when he returns with honor, can or can’t go in?")

Greetings from sunny, hot and humid São Paulo!

Sounds like you guys had a fun weekend!  I would love to go to the beach!!!  Ugh!  I’m missing that so much.  Especially now that it’s getting even hotter here.  Especially in the sun!  You can go in the shade and it feels pretty nice but once you step into the sun it just kills you.  And this is winter still too!  I’ve also got some pretty sweet missionary tan lines going on right now.  haha  My arms and face are nice and tanned (well the lower part of my arm that’s not covered by my sleeve) and then half of my neck is tan and the other is white thanks to my collar.  At night when I’m in normal clothes, or when we're playing soccer, we all have really funny looking necks.

I was able to get the pictures and that looks awesome!  You can also take those things (I’m not sure if it's exactly the same or not) and put a bit of water in them and then roll down a grassy hill.  Looks like a lot of fun.  Why didn’t Brittin go in?  Do those balls have a height / weight limit so a certain missionary, when he returns with honor, can or can’t go in?  haha

How’s Brittin liking marching band?  It gets better once it’s just concert band.  I remember playing at the football games and how I wanted to just be able to watch and hang out with my friends.  After I ended my days in band, those games were so much more enjoyable.  Do they still have the band practice every morning up on the field?  I hated that.  Especially since for us, they started early and coming from the Mission Hills building after seminary, we never had any time to hang out with our friends before school.  How does Britt get from seminary to school?  How is picking up every day Mom?  haha  Do you have a car pool set up or do you just pick up?  I can’t believe Brittin’s already in High School!  That’s so crazy!  I remember being sooo much older when I started.

Alright … so this week was pretty good.  We managed to make the food we had last and we were blessed, I think, because this week we had more members and investigators feed us dinner then we ever had before.  One day we had our scheduled lunch (since we don’t get dinners here scheduled … only lunches) and there was some food left over, so they gave us the leftovers to take home.  Then, the next two days we got bailed on for lunch.  Sooooo ... those leftovers were awesome!  When you guys feed the missionaries and have leftovers, ask them if they want them because it’s sweet!

On Saturday, Mary was baptized!!  The baptism was great and you could see her changed countenance in such a short time.  She was so happy when she got there.  More happy than I’ve ever seen her.  It was pretty cool too because the water heater is still broken and that day was cold … so the water was freezing and the temperature in the chapel wasn’t much help either.  The day of the baptism she asked me if I could give the talk and man I was nervous!!  I haven’t given a talk since my farewell and this was in another language.  However, I did it and I hope everyone could understand.  haha  In my talk, I was talking about how you feel warm in your heart after baptism because you’re made clean, and then made a little joke about her being warm on the inside even though the water is freezing cold.  When she got in the water you could tell from her face that it was icy cold.  But then after she came up, she said to me … really excitedly … that I was right!  After she was baptized, she didn’t feel cold anymore.  She actually felt warm.  How cool is that!  This weekend we’re going to baptize her son too!

Also, about Guillermo … the guy that came to the activity and loved it … we’ve still never had a chance to give him a full lesson.  He’s always leaving for work or school, but we found out he’s been going to seminary (which is at night here) and we didn’t even tell him about it.  He just started going.  Also, he could never go to church because he had to work every Sunday morning, but guess what … he quit his job!!!!  He wanted to go to church so he quit.  He decided to use faith that a better job would come along and he'll still be able to go to church.  How cool!!!  Now that he’s not working we can actually teach him.  He’s such an awesome guy!  His faith just amazes me.  He is making such a sacrifice just to learn about the gospel.  I’m just praying that he will find another job with a better schedule because he’s trying to save up as much money as he can because he wants to move to the States in two years to work there.  And guess which city he wants to move to because they have lots of opportunities for the work he wants to go into … LAS VEGAS!  He was way excited when he found out where I’m from and I’m going to start teaching him English.  So awesome!

So … quick question.  Do you know if Jarin got his visa to Brazil yet or not?  If you don’t, could you find out?  I want to know if he’s coming down here for the CTM and if so, when.  I have some connections to the CTM from people who work there in my ward and I want to try and get over there on a P-Day just to say “hi“.  Maybe if he has the same P-Day … go out to eat with him or something.  Also, I still haven’t received the other package.  Hopefully it gets here before our next transfer because that’ll suck if Elder Henrique has left already by the time I get it.  He thinks he’ll leave on the 21st (next transfer) because he’s already spent 7 months here … 7 1/2 by next transfer.

Well, I have to get going.  I love you guys so much and hope you’re having fun at Disneyland … without me  :(  Just kidding!  Also … Britt … I can’t believe the water at the beach was "too cold" for you.  The temperature of the water has never stopped you before.  Plus I went swimming the beginning of April!  Way colder then!  Well … talk to you guys later.  Love you all!!!!


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