Monday, September 26, 2011

"Hoorah For Israel" ... The Things We Love!

(Elder Henrique and Elder Fox.)

(After almost 3 months of being companions ... they are on to new adventures.)

(September 15, 2001 marked Elder Fox's "100 Days in Brazil"!)

(His family went to work getting a package together to help him celebrate.)

(A list was made of "The Top 100 Things We Love About You".)

(And each family member decided on a treat ... 100 items in each package.)

(Here's a list of what treats Elder Fox received in his "100 Days" package.)
Hey everyone!!!

Hey family what’s up?  I hope you’re all doing good back home.  Ok … so about all the exchanges this last week.  We found out Monday evening that Elder Henrique was going to Porto Feliz (Happy Port haha) which is a city in the interior.  In our mission, there’s the capital and the interior.  The capital is the big city of São Paulo and the interior is all the little cities on the inside of the state São Paulo.  When I found out he was leaving, it wasn’t too much of a shock because he had been here for a long time.  I was expecting that.  Me training and being in a trio … I was not expecting.  I was pretty nervous about that but at the same time I knew I’d have another companion with more experience so I didn’t think it would be too bad.  (Also, we were going to be in a trio because our mission had an odd number of missionaries, and so for whatever reason, we got picked to be the trio).  There was a bit of a panic too because we only have two beds in our house and two wardrobes for our clothes (houses here don’t have closets) so it was a mad scramble trying to get a way to get the new bed to our place.  We finally got it worked out to have someone bring it by on Wednesday afternoon … the same day as transfers.

We got to the Mission Office and that was fun getting to see some people I know, that I hardly get to see.  In the mission, your Trainer is your “Dad” and so you get a family going on because your Trainer’s Dad is you Grandpa.  When I was at the office I went and found my "Grandpa" and was like, “Dude!  You’re going to be a Great Grandpa!!”  It was funny because he was really excited.  Anyways, after being there for a while I was talking to one of the secretaries and asked him who my “Greenie” is going to be and he went to find out from the Assistants.  We knew that all the new missionaries made it to the field from the CTM.  That first day they’re all at the office and that night they sleep there too.  The next day … they get picked up by their new companion and it’s off to the field to serve!  That morning one of them had a panic attack or depression or something and went home.  It’s so sad when that happens!  It breaks my heart when I hear someone had to go home.  If they could only push it through those feelings and make it out into the field … their lives will be so greatly blessed.  Well, the missionary that went home was going to be my companion.  Now it’s just me and Elder De Olivera.  (He's from Brazil … the Bahia … but I’m not sure what city.  I’ll let you know tomorrow.)

Saying goodbye to Elder Henrique at first wasn’t that hard.  It was pretty quick, and kind of funny too.  We watched “The Other Side of Heaven” during our P-Day once and after we would always joke about that movie because I was like the main guy who couldn’t speak the language and he was the native.  So anyways … you know the part when the one companion is leaving on the boat and he shouts to the other “Hoorah for Israel!” … well, when Elder Henrique was heading to the bus that the mission rents to get to the interior, I got his attention and raised my arms in the air and shouted to him “Hoorah for Israel!”.  He set his stuff down, raised his arms high into the air, and did the same back … “Hoorah for Israel!”.  haha  It was so awesome!  It was weird getting back to the house without him and knowing he wasn’t coming back.  I miss him a lot!  He will forever hold a special place in my heart.  He was my Trainer … my first companion in the field.  But looking towards the future … Elder De Oliveira is a cool guy and he’s really good at teaching.

I didn’t get a letter sent out last week because there was a mail strike here and all the Post Offices were shut down.  So, ya, you’re going to miss a week of getting mail.  Also … that package was awesome!!!  Thanks so much!  That big list that you guys made, got me a little chocked up.  I’ve read it a bunch of times and I love it!!!  Thanks!  But just a couple quick questions … How is breaking Brittin’s leg something you guys love about me?  haha  I didn’t really understand that one.  Also … what is "the dolphin pose in the picture"?  lol  I didn’t really get that one.  Wow!  100 things you love about me was exactly what I needed.  I’m so lucky to have the family I have!

Also … just a quick little request for something I could use … when you guys get around to sending out another package could you put a jump rope in there?  I need something else to do during the “half an hour exercise time“.  I want to stay in shape and my companions never want to go running with me.  So I figured a jump rope would be perfect.  Right now I just do push-ups, sit-ups, and stretch in the morning.  Those exercises alone, are not going to keep me in shape.

Well, I’m almost out of time so I have to get going.  I wish we had more time for emails than just an hour.  In that time we have to email home and to the Mission President.  I lost extra time today trying to get the site we use to email President Martins to open, but it’s down.  I couldn’t get it to work so hopefully it’s not a big deal if he misses a week of my reports.  Well … gotta go.  I love you guys so much!!!!!


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