Monday, September 12, 2011

A Look Back and a Look Forward

(A look back ... 10 years ago.)

And here we are now!
(This is a sticker I put all over Elder Fox & Elder Henrique's last package.)

Elder Fox and Elder Henrique made a "bet" on the outcome of the girls
USA vs Brazil soccer game.
Elder Henrique lost ... he bought the pizza and wore the flag!
Dear Family,

I was quite surprised how many people remembered 9-11 here.  Obviously, it wasn’t quite as big of a deal like it is in the States, but lots of people remembered and lots of people talked to me about it at church … in both the wards that meet in our building.  Some people didn’t really remember or just said, “Oh ya.  Today is that day huh?”  Most people were very kind.  One guy came up and started talking to me about it and called it “one of the worst days in history”.  He expressed how he wished he could go back in time and stop it.  It was nice to see how respectful most people were.  The people in Brazil are really cool.  I remember that day ten years ago too.  I was watching TV with you, Mom, when the second plane hit.  It was during the morning, before school started, when I was in 4th grade.  I remember not wanting breakfast so I could see what was going on and not wanting to go to school that day.  However, when I got there, nobody did anything all day.  Every class just watched the news.  Even during recess we were in the classroom.  Such a horrible day.  I didn’t hear about any of the planned attacks or terrorist threats this year though.  That’s crazy!  I‘m glad America was kept safe.

It’s weird that you wrote about K. in your email today because this morning I was thinking about him and how much fun we had and was wondering how he was doing.  That’s horrible!!!  Ugh.  That breaks my heart how much he's changed!!  How much everyone is changing!  Have you or Dad talked to him at all?  I know he really liked you guys and looked up to you two.  And poor Dalyn!  Oh man that bites!  I hope he's holding up good.  There’s so many people I want to talk to but can’t.  Dalyn’s such an awesome dude.  I feel so bad for him!

I got my hug from you (Mom), from Fernando yesterday at church.  haha  It was a very awesome surprise.  Thanks for asking him to do that.  They were all talking to me about you guys yesterday at church and how beautiful our family is.  It was so nice to hear.

The language, as always, is coming.  Haha  I’m getting pretty good though.  As far as stories of saying something I didn’t mean?  Nothing too bad.  Just those two letters getting sent out as “Urgent“.  They cost me R$7.50 per letter.  That sucked, but they had already stamped it and put on all the stuff before I realized what I had done so it was too late.

Oooooh … also … I got the “Hump Day” package on the 8th!  Thank you for that! Elder Henrique liked the t-shirts!  They were way nice.  I also forget how much smaller he is than me so the shirts are a little big.  Mainly length wise because he’s a lot shorter than me.  It’s not super baggy on him so it‘s still good.  Thanks for my part of the package too.  The music is beautiful!!  I haven’t received the other one you wrote about yet.  I’ll keep watching for it.

Mail is so unpredictable here.  I’ve gotten letters from people talking about how cool Belle's baptism was but still haven’t received the one from you, Mom, that describes it in more detail.  Hopefully I’ll get that one soon because I want to hear all about it.

Yesterday, we had another baptism … the son of the lady we baptized last week.  He asked me to do it.  I was really excited until Saturday night when I realized that I didn’t know the prayer yet in Portuguêse!  haha  Well as you can imagine, it was a mad dash to memorize it!  But come the day of the baptism … I didn’t make any mistakes.  It was awesome!!!

Well, I have to get running.  I love you guys so much!!!  Thanks for the pictures too!  They were awesome!


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