Thursday, September 1, 2011

"Taste the Explosion" ... Being a Missionary is Sweet!

A "must have" treat for every foreign missionary!
Dear Family,

I know this is becoming a habit and I'm sorry, but once again I have very little time to write.  I'll try to get as much into this letter as I can but my big experiences I already told you about in my email.

In your email today, you asked how often I see my Zone Leaders and District Leaders.  I see them every Tuesday at our District Meetings.  If we do divisions, I see them then too.

You also asked about President Martins and how often I see / talk to him.  I’ve only seen him during our interview and when he gave a talk at our fireside that my ward put together which turned into a stake thing.  I hear from him every week though, because we have to give a weekly report.  We give our numbers for that week and then talk about our plans for the next week … stuff like that.  It’s really cool because normally people will just get a generic response on their reports or just “thanks for the report”, but he’ll usually write me a bunch.  I think it’s because I’m still “being trained” but I like it a lot.  It helps and he gives advice and sometimes jokes around with me.  Every now and then I’ll ask him some kind of deeper doctrine question and he’ll give me a response but it’s never direct.  He’ll always give me a scripture reference.  Or once he emailed me a talk by Brigham Young and then I had to research it and find out the answer for myself.  It’s kind of fun though … to try and discover the answer by researching it myself.  I have to really look into it a lot, like with the talk.  At first when I read it I was thinking, “Well this doesn’t answer my question.”  But then I thought, “Why would President Martin’s give it to me if it didn’t?”  So I read into it a bit more, dissected it a bit, found scriptures to back it up, and BAM … I figured it out.  That time it was stuff on the spirit world.  I’m really starting to enjoy learning the parts of the gospel no one ever really teaches in Sunday School.  It’s fun!  I also made a little goal.  The first time I asked President Martin’s a question, he didn’t miss a beat.  He called out a scripture reference like he was prepared for the question already or something.  So my little goal is to come up with a question to stump him.  And even better, would be if I already knew the answer to it.  Haha  I don’t want it to be one of those questions that there isn’t really an answer to or that we just don’t know yet in this life.  That’s cheating.  I’ll hopefully figure something out.  I have one year and eight months to figure a good one out.  Haha

Oh something else ... this is kind of a funny thing that this last week.  We were at an investigator’s house and I gave the son a package of Pop Rocks that you sent me.  Holy Cow!  You’d think I’d given him a pirate’s treasure chest full of gold based on his reaction.  Haha  He gave some to everyone in his family and was so excited.  As we were leaving he took off running outside for one of his friend’s houses.  His mom told him to wait for the next day because it was kind of late.  He replied, “No Mom.  This can’t wait another minute!”  When he got to the gate of the house he was clapping away and shouting to his friend, “You have got to see this man!”  haha  So for anyone getting ready for a mission just know, in a country that doesn’t have them, Pop Rocks are a very good thing to give because people go crazy for them.  Haha

Alright, well I don’t really have any more time.  I better wrap this up.  I love you guys and hope all is well.  I miss you guys but there’s nothing in the world that can make me leave Brazil so I’m just going to have to keep missing you all until my time here is up.  Just think though, I’m already 1/6 of the way done.  Love you guys!


PS - Did you guys hear about the missionary in Brazil that got his leg cut off by a train?  The dudes companion was a missionary I knew in the CTM.  It was his first companion too.  Crazy stuff!

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