Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Being Carried and Other Moments

(I love you Big T!)
Dear Mom,

So how are you?  Hopefully things are going good for you.  Things here are … going.  Someone was saying to me that the mail system is almost back to normal so who knows … maybe I’ll start getting stuff again. 

One of your letters made it through to me this last week.  It was the one where you talked about your “Get Away” with Dad.  That sounds like it was awesome!  I bet you two had a great time.  Also, in that letter you mentioned that it was exactly what you needed to re-energize you and that sometimes the things you do, you don’t know if people notice.  Well Mom … we do.  Like the church teaches, and we teach too when we’re talking about families, kids notice a lot of what their parents do.  At times I don’t think we give you and Dad the praise (not credit, but praise) you guys deserve.  At least, I didn’t when I was still at home.  Just know
that everything is very much appreciated.  I couldn’t have gotten a better Mom.  I use you as an example all the time in lessons or at church.  Like in Principles Of The Gospel (I forgot what it is called in English but it’s Principios Do Evangelho … so that’s what I translated but I think it’s something else.  It’s the Sunday School class for investigators and new members) there was a lesson on families and our teacher asked a question and no one had anything in response and so I started talking.  It was a question about being a parent and the role of both Father and Mother.  I said that obviously I don’t know too much about this since I’m 19, no kids, and not married … but I had the best examples of this in my life … my parents.  Then I gave examples of things like, you always waiting up for me, even when I was being selfish and stayed out late while you were sick … you still waited.  Or always being there to talk to whenever I needed a listening ear.  Even the little things too … like all our trips we took and how you would make CD’s for the drive to make it more fun.  Or when we went to the beach and you would be relaxing on the sand and I kept bugging you to come swimming and, even though you were content on the beach, you came into the water with us.  That meant a lot to me.  I didn’t share all this stuff in class because there wouldn’t be enough time, but the thing is … you were always there to help out, to talk to, or to go into the cold ocean water.  Haha  So just know how much I love and appreciate you.  I may not have given you the praise I should have, but I did, and always will recognize, appreciate, and remember the things you have always done for me.  Also, think about it this way … in my Patriarchal Blessing (third paragraph if you would like to read it again) I chose this family.  I chose you to be my Mom, so obviously I have the best Mom ever because that’s what I would choose.  That’s what I would want, so I could have that good example and that help in hard times.  I love you so much Mom.

Don’t worry about me.  I’m doing good.  One of the things I have learned out here on my mission is how important it is to rely on the Lord.  It's easy to feel all alone out here.  However, I’ve learned that I’m not alone.  I've learned to pray lots and read the scriptures.  I've learned that my Patriarchal Blessing is one of my biggest motivator.  But probably the thing I have learned the most is the importance of working extra hard to be closer to God.  The gospel brings us true happiness.  There’s a story I saw in a member’s house.  It was a picture of the beach and there were footprints in the sand.  The story is also in English and it is way cool.  It’s about this guy who’s walking with Christ along the beach.  In the sky, clips of his life are playing and he notices that in the sand, when parts of his life were difficult, there was only one set of footprints.  So he asks Christ, “Why when things are difficult do you leave me?”  Christ responds that he loves him and would never leave him.  Those times of life, when things were most difficult, “that is when I carried you”.  It’s a really neat little story.  You should look it up.  I think it’s called “Footprints”.  I don’t know for sure.  But that has happened so much in my mission.  There have been times when I have been carried!  It is amazing to know … even though family and friends are far away ... I'm not alone.

Well I have to wrap this up now.  I love you so much Mom!  I miss you so much too!!  I hope that everything is going good with you.


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