Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fasting With A Purpose

Dear Family,

So today was awesome!!  I woke up and went to the temple.  The buses were a little crazy, and the bus we needed wasn’t coming, so we hopped on another one that takes a bit longer.  I was ensured that it would be the same amount of time, yet, I knew that it wasn’t.  Needless to say, we were late for the session.  I was kind of bummed because we were going to go with President Martins and I had some questions to ask, but oh well, that’s no big deal.  We got there and just waited for the next session.

Ohhhh … here’s some quick background info regarding the temple trip … my zone, well some Elders in my zone, were fasting today.  I was as well.  We were fasting and praying that the visas will come through easier.  Our mission is going to start suffering on numbers if not.  I was also fasting to say "thanks" for all the help and blessings I’ve been receiving.  I like going to the temple after fasting because I feel the spirit so much more.  This session today … I felt it stronger than ever.  Right when we opened the doors and I walked through, it was like a wall at the door.  Not so much a wall but a filter that caught all the frustrations and tiredness, and I instantly felt light.  It was great.  The session was amazing!

Afterwards we swung by the temple store.  I bought a Bible for a recent convert because they wanted one with the right translation.  From there we went to the Mission Office and I got both of my packages!!  That Root Beer was amazing!  I didn’t get too much of it because I gave some to the Americans who haven’t had it in forever and Brazilians who have never had it.  Everyone loved it!!  Then we were off to that barbecue / pizzeria place (I want to puke) and now I’m writing the best family ever.

I like how you guys are all talking about how horrible band is and how much time it takes up for Brittin in your emails and letters.  Just remember something … when I was in band and complained I was told it wasn’t that bad and I even had football to fit into the schedule and we had two night practices not just on Tuesday like Brittin has!  So sorry Britt, but you have no room to complain!  haha  At least your month of August didn’t consist of going to school at 6:30 am and coming home at 10 pm.  Count your blessings my dear sister.  hahaha

Alright.  Well, I have to get running because I’m almost out of time. I love you guys so much!!  Got to go!  Love you all!!!


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