Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Hammocks and Cool Breezes ... PLEASE!

(For as long as his family can remember, Elder Fox, has begged to have a hammock in his room instead of a bed.  Could Brazil be more perfect for him?)
Dear Family!

Hey guys!  How are you all doing?  Today, when we were going to Pirituba (our Stake Center) to play soccer, we rode past the Post Office (on the bus) which was closed.  I really hope this strike ends soon.  Whenever it’s open and we mail off our letters, they give us a heads up about the strike and that there’s a chance the mail won’t make it to it’s destination.  So once again … fingers crossed!

Today, soccer was a bust.  Nobody came.  It was us and a companionship from another zone that came out to play.  Even with so little people, it was still fun.  We went and bought these French Bread rolls (super good!  It’s like a mini version of Albertson’s French Bread), some lunch meat, and cheese and made sandwiches.  Then we all just chit-chatted.  We also bought some Doritos and … well … they’re A LOT better in the U.S.  Now I’m just in my hammock writing the best family in the world.

Before I forget, (I keep forgetting to put this in an email so I’ll try to get it in my next one … but if it’s not … it’s coming via snail mail) there was a guy here in my ward one Sunday from Las Vegas.  He’s doing this language study thing and is in the Air force, so they sent him here to study a bit more Portuguêse.  He was partnered up with a member who served in Brazil and they decided to swing by a church.  Just so happened to be mine.  To be honest … I forgot his name.  (Names aren’t my strong suit and I need to get better at that.)  I think it’s John.  It was his first time at church.  He said he is going to look the church up when he gets home.  I also asked him to look Mom up on Facebook and say “Hi” for me.  So, did he Mom?  If so … I think it would be cool if you guys invited him over for dinner or out to eat or something.  That way he has a good influence and good example of the church in Las Vegas.  Also, you guys can ask him about Sao Paulo.

This week has been … interesting.  To be honest, I think I would want to repeat the first week in the field again rather than this last week.  Why?  Don’t ask.  Haha  I don’t want to worry you guys.  Haha  : )  But I’m doing better now and most importantly, I’ve learned a lot. 

So what’s the DL with you all?  How are things with Brittin?  Belle, I can’t wait to see how good you are at dancing when I get home.  Kassie and Peter … sounds like you guys are having fun with no air conditioning.  Welcome to my world.  When I first got here, it was beautiful and you just needed to have some windows open and then you were good!  That was winter … when it’s either super cold or beautiful.  Now comes the summer!  And I want air conditioning!!!  I would even settle with an insulated house.  Not a brick oven that gets super hot and humid.  The best is where my hammock is.  It’s in between the front and back doors so when they are both open, I get a bit of a nice breeze going on.  The down side with both doors being open for the best circulation is I can’t just sit in my ... let's just say ... I just can't sit around in less.  So, be happy you have another place to stay at with air conditioning.  Of course, I think Peter knows how it feels to be without air conditioning on a mission.

The other day it was pushing 40 degrees Celsius.  I don’t know what that is in Fahrenheit but I think it’s hot!  It sure felt like it … and it’s so humid!  Here’s a good example:  My gum, once I open a pack, I have to chew it all fast or else it feels like someone has already chewed it by the time I pull out a stick.  Same with the Jolly Ranchers (which Brazilians love).  Those candies were all slimy and sticky from the humidity.

Well, I’m ending this.  I have to get going.  I’m off to Pedro’s house and then off to see other people.  I love you guys so much!  Miss you all!

Always with love … your son / brother,

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