Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Listening & "Singing In The Rain"

Dear Family!

How are you guys?  What’s the news with you all?
So we had a pretty neat experience  the other day.  Saturday to be exact.  We were going to lunch, but it was WAY far away in an area we never go to because we don’t have members, investigators, or referrals out there.  However, now we had someone to teach.  I had been to this area for lunch a couple of times prior, but I only followed Elder Henrique so I didn’t remember exactly how to get there.  I knew the major roads but the side streets … I was at a loss.  So we were wandering around forever and it was hot, sunny, and humid.  Just horrible.  We were also out of credits on our cell phone (kind of like minutes) so we couldn’t call her.  We can call another missionary with credits, and do a conference call, but when we tried the other missionaries didn’t answer.  They were probably eating already!  While walking around lost, I was praying in my head.  (Come to find out later that my companion was too.)  So, there we were, walking and walking and walking.  I was about ready to turn around when I had the thought to keep going down this road.  So I did.  To my dismay, we came to the end of the road.  We stopped under the shade of a wall to figure out what we were going to do.  I asked my companion to try calling the other Elders again.  While he was calling I was thinking, “Why did I feel strongly to follow this road when we ended up at a dead end?”  That’s when I looked up at the house we were resting in front of.  All of a sudden I said, “Elder!  I think we’re here!”  I clapped my hands and sure enough … it was the house!  Haha  We were so tired, hungry, hot, and sweaty, but we made it.  And the only reason we made it was because we listened to the promptings on which way to go.  What a great life lesson.  If we listen to the “still small voice” … we will never be lead in the wrong direction.  It was a pretty neat experience.

Here's a bit of fun for the week … we got caught in the rain without umbrellas!  Holy crap, it can rain hard!  You know the rain in movies … how it’s always super strong because they use sprinklers … well, I always thought that was just in the movies.  I was wrong!  Within ten seconds we were soaked head to foot.  It had been raining for about five minutes, and the streets were already full of huge streams of water.  Kind of like Mission Drive right by the park when it rains for a couple of days.  This was five minutes!!!  When we got home I seriously looked like I had just gotten out of a swimming pool.  I took off my shoes and poured out a stream of water.  My shoes being water-proof hold up good against normal rain, but this … no way!  Water was coming in through the top and unfortunately, stayed in there because of the water-proofing.  My feet were swimming in my shoes!  Haha  It was pretty cool though.  I had never seen rain like this.

We walked by some people that were crammed under a covering in front of a store that was closed.  I said, “Hey!  Good Afternoon!”  They looked at me like I was insane.  My companion said, “Hey man.  I don’t see why you’re so happy to be in the rain.”  So I started singing “Singing In The Rain” and danced a bit, splashed in some puddles, and basically acted like a child.  That seemed to put a smile on his face.  Haha

Well, I’m all out of time so I’ll wrap this up.  I miss you guys very much and I also miss hearing from you all.  Hopefully I get some mail soon and hopefully this stinking strikes ends.  I also really hope you get this letter.  Obviously if you guys are reading this … it arrived so that’s good.  If not … well that’s no good but of course you all wouldn’t know so … haha!  Love you Mom, Dad, Kassie, Peter, Brittin, and Belle!  Hope you all are well!


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