Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Santa Worry

(Belle was very concerned her brother would be missed by Santa this year.)
Dear Belle

Brazil is great!  Today I went to the temple and that was awesome!!

You have to send me a picture of your Halloween costume!!  That’s so sweet about dance.  I like the thriller dance too!

About Christmas for a Santa present … I was thinking about asking for that Magic Trick thing I got once in Disneyland.  It’s a flying card trick thing.  I think that would be way fun here to do magic for the kids.  The only problem is, I don’t know if Santa would know what I’m talking about or if he'd be able to make it.  You should ask Mom and see what she thinks.  I think I’m going to write him too and let him know I’m down here.  Thanks for worrying about me.  I wouldn’t want Santa to not know where I was.

I love you Belle!


(Belle’s Email to Tavin …)

Dear Tavin

How is it going in Brazil?  So Christmas is coming up and I wanted to know what you want from Santa so I could put it in my letter to him.  I am worried that you will forget to write Santa and that Santa won’t know where you are.  Do you think Santa knows you are in Brazil?  What do they leave for Santa to eat on Christmas Eve? 

This Halloween I am going to be a Cheerleader from BYU.  We bought the outfit when we went to Provo the last weekend you were in the MTC.

In my dance class we were working on a dance called "The Thriller".  For my school field trip we are going to see Charlotte’s Web and Mom is going to be a chaperone.  She is very excited!  I am excited too!  I miss you lots and love you!


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