Monday, October 31, 2011

"Since This Is The Time For Goblins & Bats ..."

 Happy Halloween!!!!

Today definitely doesn’t feel like Halloween.  The only decorations are at some of the English schools they have.  Other than that … nothing.  No one does anything here for Halloween really.  Some people have parties over the weekends and stuff but I guess, especially when Halloween is on a weekday, there’s nothing that anyone does for it.  It’s basically just another day here.  But those spider rings were a huge hit!  Everyone loved them!  They were so much fun to give out.  Also … I got the other package.  I just hadn’t opened it the last email I sent.  Thank you so much!!  It was so much fun.  The kids were amazed at my magic powers.  haha  I guess I’m going to have to ask Santa for something else.  I’m thinking I’ll ask him for a rugby ball and air pump.  Why are you guys having the Trunk-or-Treat on Halloween??  Please send me pictures.

Transfers are this Wednesday and from what my Zone Leaders are saying, I think I’ll stay here with Elder De Oliveira.  We'll find out today when we get the call.  On Sunday, people in the ward, and investigators at church were all talking to me about the transfer and asked if I’d be leaving.  I said I didn’t know yet and they all said they’d pray that I can stay.  One even said they'd start fasting so I can stay in Freguesia.  I really love the people here.  They are so amazing!  Because of them … I really want to stay here.  But if the Lord needs me somewhere else ... that is where I will go.  Also … to answer your question … if I stay here this transfer I won’t necessarily be here for Christmas.  I’ll be here for my birthday for sure, but the transfer ends a week before Christmas.  I think that would bite to be transferred right before Christmas.  Christmas will be hard enough, but if I’m in a brand new area, that would not be fun.

I haven’t taken a picture yet.  Can I just use my camera?  Mine takes good pictures.  It’ll make life so much easier.  On a mission you don’t really have time to just go somewhere and take pictures.  Even P-Days are a race to get everything done you want to.  I don’t know if I’ll be able to unless we’re already going to a place with a nice background.  I really want to go to the Peako one of these next P-Days.  If we go there, that’ll be perfect because it’s a mountain in the city, but it’s all rainforest-y.  It even has monkeys and stuff there.  Sorry to say … you may have to send out a Christmas card without a picture of me.

Well, I have to get running now.  I’ll let you guys know through a member how transfers end up.  I love you guys so much and I miss you all a ton.  It seems when things get the hardest, that’s when you get the most homesick.  haha  I love you all though!!  Belle … have fun on your field trip!!!


P.S. - Tell Buddy I said “Hi” back!

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