Wednesday, November 9, 2011

"Goodbyes" and Armadillo Encounters

A little family encounter!

A street contact ... I don't think this one counts.
Dear Family!!

Hey!  Our P-Day got moved to today but I didn’t know until Wednesday of last week so I wasn’t able to get out any notices.  First of all, transfers were last week.  I got the call Monday afternoon … unfortunately just after I had written my last email.  haha  However, I’m sure you guys have found out I was transferred through the grapevine.

Ok.  So first of all … I’ll talk about my last day in Freguesia.  Tuesday after our district meeting, was spent running around saying “Goodbye” to everyone and throwing all my stuff into my bag.  I had gotten a couple of extra stuff in that area, and since we’re only allowed one bag in the field and have to leave the other one and stuff at the mission office, I had to sit on it to get it closed up.  Once the quick packing was done, I was off running around saying “Goodbye” to members and investigators.  Man!  That was so rough!  I hated it.  People were crying and as you can guess … I cried a bit too.  The recent convert that said she was going to fast so I would stay was pretty bummed.  When I shook her hand to say goodbye she pulled me in and gave me a hug.  Needless to say, I totally freaked out and stiffened up and she had a good laugh about that.  Transfers are no fun at all.  You leave so many people behind that you have really grown to care for.  One family bought a bunch of pizzas for my "last supper".  That was pretty fun.

Now I’m in a city called Itú and my area is Cidade Nova.  It's technically a part of the bigger city Itú but not really.  You go past a bunch of farms and a little foresty area and some grasslands to get to the big city.  Cidade Nova (New City) is definitely what the name is.  This place is unlike anywhere I’ve ever been before.  It’s so small and very slow paced.  It reminds me of the little town on Napoleon Dynamite ... how it’s small and not too much going on.  It’s all farms and grasslands on the outside.  One part in the middle of our area, is a forest.  That part is pretty cool.  We take trails through the forest and stuff.  There’s some really pretty birds here and on Sunday I saw a family of armadillos walking around.  I tried to scare them to turn them into a ball.  I snuck up on them, jumped up and screamed, but they just ran away and I looked like an idiot.  Haha  They are really strange looking animals.  They’re gray and their skin looks all rubbery too.  But, ya, out here it’s a lot of walking contacts and not too many people to teach.  And when we find them they don’t really progress too much.  Who knows … maybe me and my companion can change that trend.  My companion is Elder Costa and he's from Manaus (in Brazil).  He also doesn’t speak English, but really wants to learn, so I’m going to teach him.  He has eight months on the mission so were both fairly new but I really like him.

Also, about letters, I’ve been writing you guys.  The mail is just BAD here.  Mom, you said you’ve written me every week but I hardly ever get letters from you.  I don’t know what’s going on with the mail down here.  Now that I’m a couple hours away from the office, I won’t get mail as much.  When you’re in the city there’s always someone going to the Mission Office, or going out to an area, and they bring mail.  Here, we get mail and packages about once a month.

Well … I have to get running.  I love you guys so much!!!


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