Monday, November 28, 2011

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade ... In Brazil?

Dear Family,

Hey guys!! What’s going on? I’m doing good over here! Thanksgiving was ... different. Basically, it didn’t feel anything like Thanksgiving.  At the same time … it wasn’t just another Thursday in the mission.  It was such a good day!  An amazing day actually!  I'll write about it in my letter today because it'll take some time to write.  Also, something I thought was pretty cool is that down here, they get the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. I was talking to one of my investigators about Thanksgiving and how it was the next day.  The next time I saw him he said that he watched something on TV in New York with giant balloons that look like characters. I was really confused at first and thinking maybe I misunderstood him. He was like, “You know … a lot of huge balloons and people walking down the road  holding them.  And there were some bands too and people dancing and everyone walking and waving.”  I was still a little confused until he said, “It’s on that day that you guys have, with lots of food and turkey.”  That’s when I clued in.  Pretty sweet that they get it over here don’t you think?

No, I haven’t received the birthday package yet. If I get it in time, it’ll be tomorrow at our district meeting.  I think our Zone Leaders went to the office this last week. If I don’t get it tomorrow, I probably won’t get it for a couple weeks. That’s the down side with being in the interior. I’m a couple hours away from the office and people don’t make trips so frequently like in the interior. So … ya … if I don’t get it this week I’ll probably have to wait until transfers when someone in my zone is transferred and has to go to the office. I’m imagining that I’ll stay here again, but who knows really.

It's so weird that I’m turning twenty.  Twenty seems so much older than nineteen.  I don’t know why … it’s just a strange thought.  It also doesn’t feel like it’s almost my birthday.  The time is flying by so fast! I can’t believe its almost December.  It doesn’t feel like it’s almost December because it’s freaking hot out!!  The weather really doesn’t make sense here.  Where I’m at it’s mostly dirt, grass, and lots of trees.  In São Paulo where it’s all cement and buildings …  almost no grass or trees … the temperatures are cooler in São Paulo than here. Also, something else that’s strange here is what it’s like just before rain.  Back home, just before it rains, the temperature starts to get cooler.  Well, here it gets so stinking hot!  Like all the clouds are just collecting all the hot air in front of them and pushing the air as they move along.  We've got rain coming, so it’s extra hot today!  haha

As far as Christmas goes, it doesn’t feel like Christmas at all.  One … it’s hot!  Two … no Christmas music.  Three … no decorations.  Pretty much the only Christmassy thing there is to see, is in a store by our house.  There’s a cardboard cut out of Santa holding a sale sign.  Although, maybe it’s a good thing to have the lack of Christmas stuff because now Christmas is just going to sneak up on me and I won’t be feeling all homesick when I see all the lights and hear all the music.  However, at the same time, it’s kind of a bummer.  The magic of Christmas is kind of lost.  That feeling of happiness and excitement … it’s almost non-existent in comparison to that feeling you get back home just before Christmas.  Side note - I won’t be able to send a Christmas ornament home because there’s nowhere to bye one.  Unless you guys want a red ball ornament.  That’s about all that there is.

Alright … well I gotta get going now. I love you guys!! I hope you’re all doing great!!!


PS - Thanks for making me cry from you email Mom!  ; )

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