Monday, November 14, 2011

The "Missionary Look"

Brazil is beautiful!
Dear family,

Glad you guys liked the pictures.  It's kind of hard to send pictures home.  I need someone (investigator or member) because we do our emails in a public computer house and Mauricio warned me of using those computers to send pictures home. I guess they are generally loaded with viruses and if I were to hook my camera or memory card to them, I could get a bunch on it.  Then when I get home and try to load up my pictures, it could mess up the computer.  So that’s why pictures are in short supply.  I do have a bunch on my camera.  And … yes … the backpack or hip bag thing that my companion has on, is normal here.  That’s actually part of the “missionary look”.  Whenever I’ve left without my backpack or just with stuff in my hands, and I run into a member, they sometimes don’t recognize us as missionaries at first.  They always ask where our bags are.  Do the missionaries back home not wear backpacks?  I thought they did.  How else would they carry a Bible, Book of Mormon, one or two other copies of the Book of Mormon to give out, and whatever other stuff they need?  The area I took the pictures, is basically in the middle of my area.  We pass through there lots.  Those trails that I snapped some shots on, we use those a lot.  I saw a huge lizard in that tree area the other day.  One of those with a snake-like tongue, that are big, and have a load of poison that it stores in it's tail.  It was really cool until it started coming right at us.  That kind of freaked us out a little.

You guys are having the missionaries over today?  That’s cool!  Sounds like you guys have some big plans for Thanksgiving!! Sounds like it’ll be a blast. Crazy … but a blast.  Here’s an important question though … why is it that Tiffany finally comes into town once I’m gone? What the heck is that all about?!!  hahaha  Are you guys throwing a party for Josh again?  They don’t have Thanksgiving here.  They don’t really celebrate too many holidays down here.  What I mean by that is they observe them … but not too much of a celebration like back home.

Thanks so much for the “politics” update. I don’t hear about anything in the news here.  If I do, it’s about how absolutely amazing Obama is. Pfft!  What a joke.  But … ya … I’ve been wondering what’s been going on over there in the world of politics. I’ve heard a bit about a member that’s running for president. I was told Mitchy Hawmanee is the candidate. I was pretty confused at first but then realized they were trying to say Mitt Romney.  haha  It was pretty funny.  I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed!!!

I don’t know if you guys are still accepting ideas for Christmas/Birthday, or if you’ve sent them off already, but one idea would be some buffalo wing sauce. I’ve been craving those and I could make my own if I had the sauce.  That’s an American thing, and they don’t have the sauce here.  Also, a rain jacket would be nice.  It would have to be one of those really light (emphasis on light not thick) black rain jackets that’s just that cloth stuff that doesn’t let any rain get through.  That would be way nice to have out here!

Well, gotta get running now.  It’s pouring rain and I’m going to get soaked.  On the plus side, we’re just heading home so I can dry off.  I love you guys so much!!  I miss you all a ton!!  Have a blast this holiday season!  It’s weird to think it’s almost Thanksgiving.  It’s hot out and no decorations or anything.  I hope you all have fun!!


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