Monday, December 26, 2011

A Quick "Hi" After a Christmas Call

(The decorations on our tree are the same ones Tom and I bought the first Christmas we were married.  The kids won't let us buy new ones.  To them ... these decorations mean "Christmas".)

(Every year, each of our kids buy a new ornament for the tree.  Last year Tavin shrunk down his mission call and made it into his yearly ornament.)
Hey guys!

How’s it going? Glad to hear the rest of Christmas was good.  Today we got up and went and played soccer.  It was way fun until people started getting really competitive.  It’s so much better when it’s just for fun and not playing hard. Especially when you’re not that great … that would be me.  We had 12 of us, so we made three teams of four.  Winner stays on the court and the other team comes in.  My team consisted of me, both of my ZLs (one Brazilian and another American that’s about equal or worse than me), and then another American that was about the same level as me.  However, he was super good at goalie so he stayed in the goal.  Well … our team, as you can imagine, wasn’t super good but it was so much fun.  The other two teams would get more into it when they played each other, but we were just more or less goofing around.  Elder De Andrade (our Brazilian) was a good sport about it and made it fun too.  Thankfully, he wasn’t a competitive one.  Every time when we lost, he just said, “Alright guys … next time!” haha  Me and my American ZL (Elder King) made a goal that was pretty sweet.  I stole the ball and passed it to him.  He dribbled it a bit and passed it back to me.  I got closer to the goal and passed it over to him, who was on the other side of the goal, and he knocked it in and scored.  Elder De Andrade afterwards said, “Look guys!  You scored all by yourselves!!!”  haha  It was so funny.  Good times.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Being The Best "Me" I Can Be

Dear Family,

Hey guys.  What’s new?  How’s life, school … all that jazz?  Are you still dancing Belle?  I’m excited to get to see how good you are in April 2013.  Brittin … how’s High School treating you?  Any guys I need to write?  I’m so glad I’ll get home just before you turn 16.  That’s when I’ll really need to worry about the guys.  Kassie and Peter … any more problems with your house?  Is your heater working right?  Mom and Dad … all the cars are working?  No problems with the turbo on Mom’s car or anything like that?  Funny stuff how Kassie and Peter always have trouble with the AC … what I wouldn’t give for an AC in my house … and Mom and Dad with the car … what I would give for a car - or a bike even.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Old Traditions - Hayrides ... New Traditions - Skype Calls!

Hayrides and gift giving ... a Fox Family tradition!
Hey Guys!!

Ya … I agree with Jarin!  This tax thing on packages is ridiculous.  It somewhat make sense in the way Elder Costa explained it to me.  He said things are way cheaper in the United States.  So someone could just make a friend with someone there, send him money, and have him buy stuff and send it down here.  Then he could turn around and sell it all for cheaper than the stores and make some money.  However, there’s got to be a better way of monitoring that than taxing the crap out of people.  I’m pretty worried about the Christmas package being way expensive too.

About Christmas … I can call you guys on Skype!  I’m not sure what time though.  I haven’t really made any plans yet with any members because transfers are this week and I don’t know if I’ll go or stay here.  I’m thinking I’ll stay, but who knows.  What’s the time difference from here and home?  I know when I left it was 4 hours, but we moved our clocks for daylight savings time, and now I’m on summer time and you guys are on winter.  Does that change it?  Am I now 6 hours ahead of you guys?  Right when I go to send this, I’ll put what time it is.  Then when you see when you have received it, you can know the difference.

Monday, December 5, 2011

A Little Girl ... A Map ... A Reminder!

Dear Family!

Hey guys!  How’s life going?  Things are going good way down here.  Sometimes I forget how far away I am from home.  The other day a kid had a map of the world and wanted to see where I lived so I showed where Las Vegas is.  She said, "Whoa!  You are so far away from your home!!"  I had kind of forgotten how far São Paulo is from home and it took that little girl and a map to remind me.  haha.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Leapin' Lizards!

Dear Family,

Hey everyone!  How’s it going?  Hopefully good!  Man … today it’s raining like crazy!  I swear Satan controls the weather.  Haha  When we’re just home relaxing … nothing.  When we have to leave to do emails or to teach … it starts raining like crazy.  When we got home I was soaked and pretty cold too.  Our house, not having a heater, was not too much of a help.  We just used a “Missionary Improv Heater”.  I don’t know if I’ve told you guys about this yet, but what you do to get all nice and toasty … get a pot and fill it with rubbing alcohol.  Once you have a good bit of fluid, toss a match in and get all nice and warm.  After that, I took a nice shower.  By nice I mean scorching hot since there are only three settings.  Super hot, medium, and not heated at all.  You get used to the super melt-your-skin-off-hot though after awhile.  Especially when it’s cold.  These shower heaters are a pretty good idea if someone was able to make it so there are more then three settings.  With them, you never run out of hot water like at home.  Also, the life span isn’t too long and once it gets old there are two settings … luke warm and ice.