Monday, January 16, 2012

A Little Bit Of Home ... A Little Bit Of Heaven!

"Oh man!  It’s like heaven that sauce!!!"
Hey guys!!

How are you all doing?  How's the track training going Britt??  That’s awesome that you’re running!!  Make sure you drink tons of water.  Carry around a big jug like I did … it helps.  And belle … congrats on being celebrity of the week!  That’s so cool!!!  Mom … hopefully you get better soon.  Luckily, I haven’t been too sick yet.  Well, not SUPER sick.  However, even if I’m not feeling good, I still go out and teach.  Even that time I had the infection, and went two nights without sleeping, we still went out and taught.  Also, on Sundays, even if we’re sick I’m pretty sure we have to go to church.  I think if we didn’t have to, I’d still go.  What if one of our investigators went to church for the first time and we weren’t there?!  They wouldn’t know anyone there, and it would be way better if we were there for them. 

I still haven’t received the Christmas package.  The Zone Leaders went to the capitol, but the box is too big for them to take on the bus I guess.  I’m going to have to wait for President Martins to bring it out here in his car when he comes out this way.  He wrote me in my email and told me that, and said he'll be out this way on the 24th.  The sucky thing will be if I’m transferred because transfers are the 25th so I’ll get it and then the next day … pack up and leave.  I haven’t received the Young Women’s one yet or one from the Cox family.  The last one was the birthday package.  Yes … we used the sauce!  I still have a little bit left.  The first day I used it, at night we had to report for the day to the Zone Leaders and I talked to the American one of the two and said, “You know what I ate today?  Pizza and wings!!  How long has it been since you ate those?”  He said, “Too long!”  haha.  So on Friday, we had an interview with the couple for their baptism.  Another area had one too, so one of the Zone Leaders went there and the other came out here with the companion of the missionary in the other area.  They’re both Americans so obviously we made some wings and ordered some pizza.  Oh man!  It’s like heaven that sauce!!!  And one of the other missionaries got Ranch dressing in a package so he brought it over.  Good stuff!!!  Also … the water balloon launcher … I showed it to some youth in the ward and they thought it was the coolest thing in the world!  I ended up giving it to one of them.  (The boy that talked to you guys on Christmas.)  I also was able to read all the stories for the “Countdown” on Christmas day.

David and Jessica got married on Wednesday and baptized on Saturday.  I baptized David and Elder Costa baptized Jessica.  Apparently you need to stick some plastic in the drain of the font because the plug leaks.  No one informed us of that, so the water was super low.  haha  We did the baptism on our knees so it worked out fine.  Although it was really strange kneeling … saying the prayer … and dunking him all while kneeling.  It will be a baptism not to forget!  Their wedding in the church is this Saturday.

The worst thing possible happened this week!!  Some members who are really good friends with David and Jessica asked me and Elder Costa for pictures of the wedding.  We went and put it on their computer and I don’t know what happened, but ALL of my photos got deleted!!!  I don’t have any!!!  I was so sad when I realized!  Now the only photos I have are the ones you guys have and the baptism this Saturday.

I asked President Martins in my email today about the overseas ballots so hopefully I’ll be able to vote somehow.

The elephant is still with the members we gave it to, but they told us they’re going to get rid of it this week with one of their sons friends!!  So it’ll be passed along soon I hope.

Today for “National Nothing Day” we’re doing … something!  haha  One … we have to teach … and two … we’re going bowling as a Zone today.  That’ll be fun!!!  Anyways, I have to get running now!  Hopefully I responded to all the questions.  I love you guys!!!  Hope you’re all doing great!!


PS - Transfers are next week so we'll see what happens!  Man … this transfer went by quick!  The time is picking up so fast it’s crazy!!!

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