Monday, February 6, 2012

Beating The Heat With The Bugs

Sleeping companions ... but at least we beat the heat!
Hey guys!!

So how are you all doing?  I’m doing great, but dying from the heat right now!  It’s ridiculously hot, and really humid.  The other day we were up in the hundreds and with the tons of humidity … it’s rough!  The worst part is the lack of air-conditioning.  Our house gets sooo hot!  Some people’s houses actually aren’t too bad, but ours gets like a brick oven.  That’s the worst part.  You’re walking around all day in the hot sun and finally get inside of someone’s house and … it’s still hot!  haha  It gets really nice at night time, but only outside of our house.  Our house continues to be hot throughout the night even with the fans blowing and windows open.  It’s strange how it doesn’t cool down inside when it does outside.  I can’t sleep without a blanket on, so that makes it even harder.  I’ve been using my bed sheet that everyone wrote on as a blanket.  Sleeping on the hammock makes it nicer as far as temperatures go, but it’s hard to get a good nights sleep on a hammock.  Maybe one day I’ll get used to it.  There’s some people, from the north, that can’t sleep in a bed.  They need a hammock.  There are some members here that had family come down to visit them from the north and one of the little boys couldn’t sleep so in the middle of the night they called up one of our investigators, David that was baptized recently, and had him come over and drill the hammock hooks into the walls.  Anyways … last night, to avoid the heat of our house, we decided to have a campout.  However, with all the different freaky looking bugs out here, and those huge Leaf Cutter Ants that cut your skin when they bite you (which we happen to have a lot of outside of our house), we didn’t feel like sleeping on the ground.  So, we took our beds outside … frame and everything.  It was great!  The weather was perfect.  Not too hot and not too cold.  The stars were really pretty too.  I‘ve never seen the night time sky like this before.  You don’t see a lot of stars in Las Vegas.  And the moon was way bright too!

Oh … and about mitt Romney … this anti-Mormon stuff is going worldwide.  It‘s not just in the states.  Before, people would never say anything to us.  But now that all the anti-Mormon / anti-Mitt Romney stuff is going on, there’s tons of people that shout stuff to us from cars or when they’re just hanging around outside.  They make fun of us … some curse at us … and me being an American "Mormon" makes things a little bit worse.  But on the plus side … the church is now known by just about everyone in the whole entire world!  And that brings up a lot of questions, which brings up a lot of opportunities to teach!  People stop us and ask, “Hey!  Are you guys Mormons?”  “Well … yes.  But that’s more of a nickname for the church that some people gave it.  The real name of the church is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.”  Then we get to start teaching.  Or sometimes we just jump right into the Book of Mormon saying, “Well … ya.  But that’s a nickname for the church because of this book, the Book of Mormon: Another Testament of Jesus Christ.  The real name of the church is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and this book is physical proof that the gospel of Jesus Christ was restored again.”  Just like everything has it’s opposites … this publicity brings bad and good stuff.  Belle … just keep holding strong!  And if you need some help … I still have some friends back home that can help "take care" of the situation.  ; )

Mom … you’re going to do great as Stake Young Women’s Camp Director!!!  What exactly do you do with that?  Are you there at the meetings with the Youth Committee and all the Stake activities?  Or do you just kind of hang out until it’s time to start planning for camp and just go to the meetings where they’ll talk about camp?  Knowing how Sister Honey does things (which is amazingly great) she will have you right in there helping with tons!

I got everything in the package, and of course I’m not going to give away the pocket watch.  When you said to not give anything away because you were going to tell me what you guys want me to bring home with me, I was thinking it was going to be something like the Nerf gun with some kind of significant story attached to it.  I wouldn’t even think about giving many of the things away.  And the little helicopter is pretty fun too!  And the Nerf gun as well.  The plant thing grew quick!  Where did you guys find that?  I think I’m going to try and pull it out of the can and plant it.  There’s a little planter thing in our back yard.

This week was a pretty good week.  We were helping out the ward with the inactive list, and going after some people on it for them.  We met this one 19 year old that broke my heart.  He started making some decisions that have really changed his life in a not positive way.  He’s pretty messed up.  One of the members here wants to go over there with us next time we visit him.  He shows that he wants to change and wants our help.  Right before we were needing to go, he asked us if we could kneel down with him and say a prayer to help him out.  So who knows.  I hope Heavenly Father can help us help him because there’s no way that two 20 year olds can pull this off alone.

When Sunday came around, I was kind of bummed out.  It was a frustrating day.  We only had a couple investigators at church.  While the sacrament was being passed I said a little prayer in my head expressing that I could use some help … a little pick me up.  I started to feel a little comforted and my feelings of frustration started to go away.  Then, after sacrament meeting ended, a less active member that we’ve been helping out a bit, who has a son that isn’t baptized yet, asked us if we could come by their house and teach the family and baptize his son.  We set the date on the 18th!!!  Yes!  If that wasn’t a prayer being answered I don’t know what is!

Well I have to get running now.  I hope you’re all doing great!  I love you guys so much!!!


P.S. - Did you guys get the absentee ballot filled out for me?

P.P.S. - I think I take back what I said about liking sweets now.  haha  I was liking them before because I hardly ever get to eat sweets here.  Candies are pretty expensive.  Now that I’ve gotten a crap load in recent packages … and have been eating tons … they’re starting to lose the appeal.  Sweets are still accepted and I’m grateful for them … but chips and that kind of stuff are also very gratefully accepted.  (hint hint)

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