Monday, February 20, 2012

A Fisher Of Men And ... Fish!

Elder Fox at Gabriel's baptism.
Dear Family,

Hey guys!  How’s it going?  Hopefully good!  I’m really pressed on time right now so this won’t be too long of an email.  Today, for P-Day, we went fishing.  We spent the whole day out there and it took a little bit longer to get home than we had expected so I don’t have tons of time.  Fishing was fun.  We didn’t catch too much though, but I caught one of the biggest of the day!  (I’m not sure if it’s the biggest or the second biggest … they’re both the same kind of fish and we threw them both into the same bag without comparing them.  So who knows.  I told Claudio that he got the biggest … he’s insisting it was mine … so who knows.  It was way different fishing the way we did.  We used bamboo poles and they don’t have a reel on them.  You just wait for the fish to come and when you see something nibbling, you yank it.  However, you don’t pull it completely out of the water because if you pull it too hard either the hook will come flying out or the line will break.  The fish I got was more or less an accident.  haha.  Normally you wait for the floaty thing to go under the water then yank, but it always starts just bobbing up and down.  Well mine was doing neither.  It just bobbed once but I figured, “Oh, why not check to see if there’s still a maggot on the line.”  I gave it a yank and … I got one!  Then the fight began.  Without a reel you just have to fight with the fish until it gets tired.  Then you can pull it closer and then out.  I got it out of the water, and not having fished since I was little, I had no idea what I was supposed to do. I went over to Claudio for help.  I went to grab it and it open up it’s fins on my hand and cut me.  I wasn’t expecting that.  But, ya, it was a fun day today.

The baptism was great this Saturday!  It’s kind of neat how you can almost always know when the person you’re baptizing will go far in the church and be a leader one day or not, because of the spirit you feel at the baptism.  Gabriel, even being young, is going to be a great missionary and maybe leader one day.  It was a great day and he was sooooo excited.  I love days like these over here in Brazil.

I have some good news!  Remember how I said my pictures got deleted off my camera?  Well … a member here was able to retrieve them for me somehow.  They couldn’t get it back onto my memory card, but they put all my pictures on a CD so I’ll send it home and you guys will be able to see all my photos up until Sunday.  Some of them, you guys already have from the last CD I sent, but a lot of others … no.

Speaking of names that are cool ... I discovered a name here that I really like.  NOT Scarlett from that “porkaria” movie “Gone With The Wind”  haha  (Just kidding Mom.)   It’s Cleia (pronounced like clay-a).  I really like it.

For Carnival we’re not locked up because it’s not super huge here since this city is small.  The missionaries in the center of Sao Paulo, maybe will have too, but not here.  There’s just one street that has the festivities going on.  It’s one of the main streets we walk just about every day, but the craziness is only at night and we stay away of there at night.  Even if it means taking a long way around to get home.

Anyways … sorry this is so short but I have to get going.  I love you guys so much!!  I hope you’re doing great!  I’ll make sure to write a good email next week and letters too.  Bye!

Love ya!

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