Monday, March 5, 2012

Seeing The Work Pay Off

Photo taken at the Christmas Conference for the Missionaries in the Interior.
Hey guys!!!

So this is the week of transfers but ... no call yet.  I’m almost positive what’ll happen.  Elder Costa will leave and I’ll stay.  I just want to know who my new companion will be.  Elder Costa yesterday, was already saying goodbye to some people and taking photos and stuff.  It’ll be really funny if I’m transferred and he stays.  I’ll see if I can get you guys an update later on in the day on what happens.

Missy is pregnant?  Wow!  I didn’t see that one coming!  I could see Tiff, but Miss is a bit of a surprise.  But that’s cool!!  Congrats Missy!!  So when I get home it’ll be about 5 months then.  That’s awesome!  Also sounds like you guys had a fun weekend!

Last P-Day I got home and wrote our address down in my planner so I could send it to you guys this week.  The only problem … I forgot my planner at home.  Haha  Next week I’ll send it out to you.  After emails, we went home and cleaned, and yes, we found some more "surprises".  Now it’s nice and clean.  It felt so good to have a clean house.

This week was a really different week.  We did a division on Tuesday after the district meeting.  What we didn’t know was that one of the missionaries turned out to not have enough money to make it back to his area.  We ended up doing a division on Tuesday, Wednesday, and ended it Thursday because that’s when we got money put on our cards.  It was fun though.  I went to Salto with Elder Manon, a giant from California.  I think he’s bigger than Alex Bair.  It was a fun time.  Plus, in their house, there are two other missionaries which was really fun in comparison to what I have had my whole mission.  With me it has always been just me and my companion in the house.  I don’t know why they don’t do that more often for the missionaries.  It would seem like it would save a lot of money having people double up.  Like where I’m at now, we can’t because we’re really far from the other areas.  However, in Sao Paulo it would be a good idea.  They would just have to get a house close to the division of the areas, and then they would only have to pay rent for one house.  We had a lot of fun there.  Thursday the division ended, but that night we had to go to the center to do a baptismal interview.  It took longer than was imagined and we ended up having to sleep in that area.  The down side was that I didn’t have anything other than the clothes on my back.

Also ... on Thursday I got that package from the ward.  That was really cool!  Tell everyone I said "Thanks a ton!!1"  The food was all my favorites!!!  It was awesome.  I forgot how delicious Mac and Cheese is!!

Friday and Saturday were typical days, but yesterday was really cool.  These past few weeks we’ve been working really hard but not seeing too many results.  When something would fall through we’d go after less actives or do contacts.   Finally yesterday, we were blessed and all that work paid off.  At church, tons of investigators that have never come to church ... came.  Tons of less actives went that we’ve been visiting, and there were two people that were there that we had never taught before.  They came with a friend.  All in all, less actives and investigators all together, there were about 20 people.  It was awesome!  The chapel was packed!  (The church here isn’t too huge.)  On top of that, it really got the members excited.  Things have been kind of slow and it’s always the same couple of members that like to work with the missionaries.   Everyone in the ward always talks about having the ward grow because if it gets bigger they get a bigger chapel.  The problem is ... growth takes work ... from everyone.  "Faith without works".  On Sunday they saw all the people and that growth is possible, and everyone is really excited.  They got a little taste and the whole ward was talking about the number of people and how much they’re going to help out now.

I’m all out of time now so I have to go.  I love you guys so much!!


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