Monday, March 26, 2012

A Week Of Miracles

Hey guys!!

Sounds like you guys had a fun week this last week!  Except for Brittin and her little eye accident.  Glad to hear Dad had a good birthday, and I’m also glad to hear that the next “Hunger Games” movie won’t come out until November 2013 because I’ll be home so I can watch it!!!  What kind of spikes did you get Britt?  Ya … you feel so much lighter in track spikes!  Sometimes it feels like you don’t even have any shoes on.  When’s your next race?  Hey Nana and Sandy … how are you doing?

So this week was such an amazing week.  Thank you all for remembering us in your prayers.  I’ll start off the
 week with Tuesday.  We did a division with another area so I stayed, and Elder J. Almeida went to another area.  It was really fun.  I was with Elder Loiseau who's from Lehi.  We had a good time together and had a great day.  To start it off, we had an appointment with that girl that we met last week.  The one we found by knocking on her door and she ended up going to church with us.  Well … she absolutely loved church!  She said it was unlike any other church she had ever experienced and she felt the most comfortable there and just felt good too.  So she ended up telling one of her friends about it, and the friend wanted to talk to us too.  When we got to her house, she took us over to her friend’s house so we could have the lesson there.  The lesson was so good.  They’re both older ladies, and the friend's daughter showed up a little into the lesson and asked, “Who are they?”  Before we could respond, one of the older ladies responded for us, and I liked her response more than one we would have given.  She said, "They are children of Christ that God sent to us to bring more light and knowledge into our lives".  Pretty good response I thought!  Anyways … we invited her to participate, but she said she was tired and had stuff to do, so we just started teaching again.  I think she must have been a little curious because the daughter ended up staying a bit.  She then ended up liking what we were teaching and started to participate and ask questions.  In the end, we marked a baptismal date with them ALL for April 14th (the last Saturday of our transfer) and guess how many dates we marked that day … 5!  The exact number that I promised Elder J. Almeida!!!

Later on we went and visited an investigator that I absolutely love.  This guy is so cool!  He’s really chill and laid back.  He's really funny and a total surf rat … but was a professional fighter and then after that, a professional bull rider.  That visit went great as well.  After finishing with him, we went to a Family Home Evening and taught a new investigator there.  We were all out of copies of the Book of Mormon, so we told him we'd pass by the next day and give him one.  He seemed like a really good investigator.  The next day we dropped off a Book of Mormon at his house and went back on Saturday to teach him.  We asked him if he read ... and he did.  We asked him if he prayed and got a response ... and he did.  I was feeling the spirit so strong when he said that!  It was amazing!!  We marked a date with him for the 14th as well.  So now we have 6 dates marked and a bunch of other really good investigators that are really close to being baptized.

But that’s not all of the good news that happened this week.  On Sunday we had a bunch of investigators that finally went to church.  We had 12 investigators there!!!  My record for investigators at church was 6 and we doubled it this week.  One of them was that surfer guy that I really like.  We’ve been working with him ever since I got here, so for over 5 months now, and he finally went and loved it.  He said he’s going to come next week and bring his parents and some friends.  This seriously was a week of miracles.  When I reported our numbers (number of investigators at church) Sunday night, our District Leader just said, “WHATTTTTT?!?!?!?!”  He asked me if I was joking, but I told him no.  Then I heard his companion in the background who came over to see what the big fuss was about and I heard him say, “No way!  They did not have 12 investigators at church!”  So, ya, now we have 6 dates and a lot of potentials too!

Can you use this as a “Thank You” note to everyone ... “Thank you all so much for remembering us in your prayers and fasts.  This truly was an amazing week and it could not have happened without all of you and your faith and love.  I am almost positive now that we'll be able to reach our goal, thanks to all of you and our loving Heavenly Father.  This helped my testimony grow a lot, not just in the blessings of missionary work, but the great miracles faith and prayers can bring about.  With the Lord, nothing is impossible.  And with loving and faithful friends and family, the impossible is even a little more possible.  Thank you all so much, and may God bless everyone of you for your help in this great work.”

Well, I have to get running now.  I love you guys so much!!!  I’m going to send the pictures home in that package that I’m sending your way.  I just have to get a couple more things, and then I’ll send it off.  I love you all and thanks for the help this last week!  Have a good one!


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