Monday, April 23, 2012

Quick "Goodbyes" To Eternal Friends

"Você vai deixar saudades, aprendemos muito contigo."
"Nossos amigos para a eternidade !"
"Despedida do Élder Fox :/, vai fazer falta!"
Dear Family,

So yes … I was transferred.  : (  I was so bummed out when I got the call.  I really loved that area and all the people there.  The members … investigators … everyone.  We got the call on Monday night.  Normally we get it during our P-Day, so before 6 pm, but the second last transfer was at 7.  We had dinner marked at one of our investigator’s houses (the one who I told you about that was my adopted mom and I her adopted son since her daughter took off on a mission).  She wanted us to go over there that night so when I found out about transfers … she would know also.  With the time we set up dinner, there was a chance that I’d be there when I got the call.  So we got there, and nothing.  Me and her were both really anxious to get the call.  I seriously thought that I would stay.  We ate, talked a bunch, and still nothing.  We waited and waited and nothing.  On our way home we decided to take the bus.  At the bus stop, I called our Zone Leaders to check on a few things, and they had just gotten the transfer call a second before I called.  They then told me what happened.  I was so bummed out.  I didn’t really feel like doing anything that night, just sleep.  Not a good idea.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Do I stay Or Do I Go ...

(Elder J. Almeida and Elder Fox ... best companionship ever!)
Dear family!

Hey! How’s everyone? I’m doing great out here!! So far, no news on transfers. This is one of those ones that anything can happen.  I’ve already been here for a long time, but only one transfer with Elder J. Almeida. Honestly, I really want to stay here. So fingers crossed that I’ll get to stay!!!

Monday, April 9, 2012

A Roller Coaster Of A Week

Hello Family!!!

Well, this week was.... not super great.  We had lots of appointments falling through and it was just kind of rough some days.  However, some were really great too.  It was kind of a roller coaster.  I’ll start off writing to you about one of our dates we had for this weekend.  We have this older lady we're teaching that we had a date set up for.  She is a really good investigator and a really good person.  She’s the one that we knocked on her door after being led to her house, and said that, “she had always hoped that missionaries would talk to her” and then we finally showed up.  She went to church and absolutely loved it!  She was getting ready for baptism and got a response to her prayers and everything!  When we taught her about the Word of Wisdom she accepted everything and things were good.  Then yesterday, something happened that left her frustrated and her old ways of dealing with things came creeping back.  When we went walking into her house yesterday, we knew something was wrong.  It just broke my heart.  Her date was for this Saturday, had to be changed.  She’s such a good person!  We’re going to keep working with her and hopefully she’ll be overcome her difficulties.

Monday, April 2, 2012

General Conference & Ice Cream ... Happy Moments!

General Conference is a time of year that brings the world together as we listen to the Prophet's voice.

Our Fox Family Tradition at work over in Brazil!
(Whenever our kids had a bad day ... or boys/girls were causing heartache ... or they just needed a pick-me-up ... we'd go and get, what we called, "Cheer Up Ice Cream".  As we sat and ate and talked ... the day always got better!)
Hey guys!!

Hey!  How's everyone doing??  I hope you’re all great!  I’m doing great over here!  So another General Conference has come and gone.  It doesn’t seem like that long since the last one.  What’s also weird to think about, is that I only have two more left!  And this conference next year ... I’ll basically be almost done with my mission.  So weird!