Monday, April 2, 2012

General Conference & Ice Cream ... Happy Moments!

General Conference is a time of year that brings the world together as we listen to the Prophet's voice.

Our Fox Family Tradition at work over in Brazil!
(Whenever our kids had a bad day ... or boys/girls were causing heartache ... or they just needed a pick-me-up ... we'd go and get, what we called, "Cheer Up Ice Cream".  As we sat and ate and talked ... the day always got better!)
Hey guys!!

Hey!  How's everyone doing??  I hope you’re all great!  I’m doing great over here!  So another General Conference has come and gone.  It doesn’t seem like that long since the last one.  What’s also weird to think about, is that I only have two more left!  And this conference next year ... I’ll basically be almost done with my mission.  So weird!

This last week, we spent a lot of our time running around, inviting people to conference, hoping we could get a lot of people there.  We didn’t get the outcome we were hoping for, but oh well.  It’s kind of harder for people to go to the Stake Center here than back home, since the chapel is about an hour from where they live.  But Conference was so good.  I watched the first session on Saturday in Portuguêse since they didn’t have the English room set up yet.  Conference really isn’t the same in another language.  The translators have no personality so you don’t get the love and expression in the speaker’s talks.  Then during the two hours in between conferences, they set up the English room.  We just hung out at the chapel during the 2 hour break, and got the second session in English.  Jeffrey R. Holland's talk was so good!  I love his talks!!

The Sunday session started off kind of crazy.  We had to go to lunch early because we had to leave an hour ahead of time to get to the chapel.  We were running late to lunch, and it was far too, so we were walking really fast over there.  We finally got there and ate super fast and then took off … and got the bus.  Luckily … once we got to the bus terminal, the other bus we needed to take was already there so we just got right on that one.  It was a rush, but was all good in the end.  Then there was the craziness of waiting for investigators, calling people, etc.  After finishing all of that, we went in to watch.  However, in the English room there was only video and no sound.  We tried messing around with it a bit, but without any success.  So … no problem … we went to watch it in Portuguêse.  During President Uchtdorf’s talk, a member came over and said he had the English going in the High Counselor's room.  We took off to watch it in there.  They had a computer set up and we got onto to watch it.  There were some problems getting it up, but we finally got it working.  It was nice too, because the High Counsel room has an air conditioning unit (unlike that room we watched Conference in the last time).  All in all … it was really good.  I think one of my favorite talks was the second to last.  It was given by Elder Neil L. Andersen.  It was the one that talked about those kids in Haiti.  That was a really good talk.  We weren’t able to watch the Priesthood Session because it started at 9 and ended at 11 pm here.  So … ya … we can’t stay out that late because it’s past the time we need to be at home.  Plus, we wouldn’t get back until midnight.

Anyways, this last week was a good one.  One of the members here just left to serve a mission.  Her mom is one of our investigators and I like her a lot.  She’s way nice and reminds me a lot of you, mom.  The day she left on her mission, we went over to the house to try and cheer up her mom, because their family is really close like ours is.  I knew her mom was going to be upset.  (The day before she left, we went over there to say “Goodbye” to her, and at that time her mom was really sad.)  So the night when we went to cheer her up, I bought some “Cheer Up Ice Cream” and brought it over to the house with us.  At first Elder J. Almeida was a little skeptical on the idea of ice cream making someone cheer up, but I assured him that it works.  And it did!  It was a fun little visit and it helped her out a ton.  She reminds me a lot of you, mom, so she's my "adopted mom" now, and I’m her adopted son since her daughter just left.  haha  She asked when transfers were and I told her,  “It is April 18.”  She then said, “Oh I really hope you won’t be transferred.”

To respond to your questions … yes, they celebrate Easter here.  I’m not too sure how they celebrate it, but they do.  I don’t know if the Easter Bunny leaves little eggs hidden here or not, but one part of Easter I have heard about are these big chocolate eggs.  They’re huge and have a fancy wrapping on them.  They are hollow on the inside and filled with some kind of treat.  They’re pretty cool, but SUPER expensive.  Some of them get up to 60 reais.  It’s kind of crazy.  I don’t know who would spend that much on a chocolate egg.  I’ll let you guys know what Easter’s like here.

Well … I have to get running now.  I hope you’re all doing great!  Have fun this week with Jake, Josh and Lindsey!  Give them a hug for me ok?  I love you all and I hope things are going great for you guys!


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  1. Yay! Thanks for updating so fast Mom! I LOVE hearing about how my favorite brother is doing!