Monday, April 23, 2012

Quick "Goodbyes" To Eternal Friends

"Você vai deixar saudades, aprendemos muito contigo."
"Nossos amigos para a eternidade !"
"Despedida do Élder Fox :/, vai fazer falta!"
Dear Family,

So yes … I was transferred.  : (  I was so bummed out when I got the call.  I really loved that area and all the people there.  The members … investigators … everyone.  We got the call on Monday night.  Normally we get it during our P-Day, so before 6 pm, but the second last transfer was at 7.  We had dinner marked at one of our investigator’s houses (the one who I told you about that was my adopted mom and I her adopted son since her daughter took off on a mission).  She wanted us to go over there that night so when I found out about transfers … she would know also.  With the time we set up dinner, there was a chance that I’d be there when I got the call.  So we got there, and nothing.  Me and her were both really anxious to get the call.  I seriously thought that I would stay.  We ate, talked a bunch, and still nothing.  We waited and waited and nothing.  On our way home we decided to take the bus.  At the bus stop, I called our Zone Leaders to check on a few things, and they had just gotten the transfer call a second before I called.  They then told me what happened.  I was so bummed out.  I didn’t really feel like doing anything that night, just sleep.  Not a good idea.

The next day was crazy!!! I should have started packing the night before.  After our District Meeting, we came back and had lunch, and then began the sad racing part.  I went and said “Goodbye” to a bunch of people.  One of them was my "adopted mom" who had bought me some cologne (and when I asked how much it was she said, “Nothing a 100 reais can’t buy“.  I saw that cologne in a magazine and it’s expensive!  It was really nice of her.  I gave her one of the “Fox” t shirts I have with me as a remembrance (it’ll be super huge, but it’s the thought that counts right?).  When it came time to say goodbye … that was really hard.  She started crying really hard and I got really chocked up too.  That was the first time on my mission that I wanted to hug someone.  (Which I didn’t do by the way)  But she was so sad and I was too, and a good hug always helps.  But no hugging on the mission … so I didn’t.

After a few “Goodbyes”, I sent off the package with presents for everyone in it.  It's for everyone's birthdays so no one can open theirs until their birthday except Dad and Peter.  They can open theirs right away.  Sending off the package made the transfer an even bigger race because I still had to buy something for Belle.  However, it’s on it’s way to you guys so we'll see when it gets there.  Dad … you need to be the one to open the package because some of the stuff aren’t wrapped very good.  I didn’t have anything to wrap stuff in, so I grabbed stuff from around the house.  As you can imagine, the gifts aren't wrapped up very nicely.  Dad … can you hide those and wrap them for me later?   There’s one thing marked as “Dad” but I marked it that way on accident.  That one is really for the whole family so you guys can open it up right away and tell me what you think it is.  It’s in a make-up bag.  Go ahead and open that!

Once the package was mailed off, I said “Goodbye” to a bunch of others and didn’t have time for so many I wanted to see.  I had to take off to spend the night in the Zone Leader’s house so I could be picked up at 4:30 am the next day.  Thankfully a member gave us a ride so I didn’t have to take a bus there with all my stuff.  He was a member that I really like.  He says he’s going to come visit us next year (he speaks English too).  I called him, and he answered and I asked if he could do me a favor.  He said, “Sure!  I’ll do whatever you want.”  I told him I was getting transferred and needed a ride.  There was then a little pause of silence from him and then I hear, “Oh man … that sucks.  I’m sad now.  If I don’t give you a ride there, does that mean you can stay?"  He was really nice and said I did a really good work there.  It was hard leaving everyone and especially my companion.  He was my favorite one so far.

Now I’m here in Santana … back in São Paulo (the big city) and it’s way different than my little city of Cidade Nova.  Life is a big race here.  Tons of cars and everything.  Everyone lives in big high rise apartments and it’s a pretty well off area.  Right now there aren’t lots of investigators here, but that’s going to change.  We had a meeting with one of the Bishop’s Counselors and the ward is starting to rally behind us and is going to help out.  Hopefully it stays consistent.  My new companion is Elder Lago (Elder Lake).  He has been here for a while and for him, this area has been hard.  The last missionary before me was here for one transfer and he was a great missionary.  He helped out a lot here, and now we have a bunch of new ideas on what to do with the ward so things are going to change.  We set up a calendar on Sunday so that every single day we have a member to go and teach with us.  That will help a lot.  Also, we’re going to have an activity one Wednesday.

This time I’m living in an apartment, not a rented house, and it’s me, my companion, and the Zone Leaders living here.  It’s fun living with four missionaries, but kind of crazy too.  The apartment is really dirty!  I think every single house on the mission is dirty.  I ran into Parker Riggin (the guy from my high school that just got here) at transfers, and again on Friday when I went to the office and he asked if all the missionary houses are filthy and makes you not want to touch anything in the house.  They pretty much are all nasty.  It was really cool seeing him!  It was fun hearing about what everyone’s up to, how everyone’s doing back home, and also all of the changes.  Apparently one of my friends from high school, Zac Stone, got baptized which was news to me but really good news!  So … ya … it was awesome seeing him here!

One of the Zone Leaders is ending his mission this transfer.  He’s way cool!  He said he's going to come and visit you guys.  He’s from St. George and he’s planning on going down there a week or so after he ends his mission to shop.  He said he wants to visit you guys and give you a big hug for me and also a big hug for the Easter package full of candy that he eats every now and then.  Thank you so much for the Easter package!!!  It was awesome and so good!!!!!  I love getting packages from home!!!!  I haven’t gotten the “Half-Way” one yet, but if it gets here this week, before my one year mark, I’ll get it on my “Hump Day”.  We have a training that day so I’ll get it there.  Once again … thank you guys so much!

By the way, Elder Lago is from Salvador, Bahia, Brasil.  He’s my third companion from the Bahia.  He’s really cool.  He just stresses out really easily over little things, but he calms down quick so … ya … we get along.

Just a quick heads up for next week … our P-Day was moved to Wednesday because we get to go to the temple!!!!!  That’s one good thing about being here in the Capitol.  If you’re in another one of the little cities, you don’t go to the temple.  My entire 6 months in Cidade Nova I couldn’t go, but now I can!!!  Another random thought … do you guys remember those little page covers you made a long time ago to put in your scriptures?  How do you make those?  I remember dad had one of the sacrament and of a shepherd and sheep.  If you remember, can you please let me know.

Well, I have to get running now.  I love you guys tons!!!  I hope you’re all doing great!!!  I miss you all, but just think … if I was right about my release date … exactly one day from today I’ll be hugging you guys again!!!  Don’t be too trunky guys.  ;)  haha


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