Monday, April 9, 2012

A Roller Coaster Of A Week

Hello Family!!!

Well, this week was.... not super great.  We had lots of appointments falling through and it was just kind of rough some days.  However, some were really great too.  It was kind of a roller coaster.  I’ll start off writing to you about one of our dates we had for this weekend.  We have this older lady we're teaching that we had a date set up for.  She is a really good investigator and a really good person.  She’s the one that we knocked on her door after being led to her house, and said that, “she had always hoped that missionaries would talk to her” and then we finally showed up.  She went to church and absolutely loved it!  She was getting ready for baptism and got a response to her prayers and everything!  When we taught her about the Word of Wisdom she accepted everything and things were good.  Then yesterday, something happened that left her frustrated and her old ways of dealing with things came creeping back.  When we went walking into her house yesterday, we knew something was wrong.  It just broke my heart.  Her date was for this Saturday, had to be changed.  She’s such a good person!  We’re going to keep working with her and hopefully she’ll be overcome her difficulties.

Then there’s another investigator that’s amazing!  (The one who's response I told you guys about) and he is such an awesome person and has such a good testimony.  He just has one problem.  His wife and son live in another state, and he's here living with his parents and working.  There wasn't any work for him where he was living.  The plan was for his wife and son to come and live down here, once he was getting up on his feet and earning money.  It almost happened that he wasn’t going to be able to make it down here in the first place because of money, but by basically what was a miracle, he got here.  Not too far away is the date that his family planned to move here and join him.  Recently, his wife is feeling differently about moving (for whatever reason) and he misses them and is planning on moving back up there.  We looked up the city on the church site and there’s a branch that covers that area and a couple of other cities.  We don’t know where they meet at for church.  It doesn’t say.  It just has the number of the leader of that branch.  So who knows where they meet and if they’ll even be able to go because it might be super far.  So now we have this problem because he was supposed to be baptized this Saturday.  We don’t feel right about baptizing him and then having him take off with no way of contacting him, keeping up with him, and seeing how he’s doing.  He might not even be able to go to church there.  We told him to keep praying about it and praying to be sure this is what he's supposed to do.  I’m praying that he'll be able to know for sure too.  In my mind it would make more sense for him to stay, and have his family come down here where he for sure has a job and there’s a church here too.  But who knows ... maybe Heavenly Father has another plan for him there, but provided a way for him to come down here for a bit to get to know the church.  Then he can move back there and bring the gospel to his family, meet with the missionaries there, and help the church grow where he's at.  He has one of the strongest testimonies of the Book of Mormon and the church that I’ve ever seen in any investigator.  He’s studying the Book of Mormon and marking it, making notes in it and everything … REALLY studying it.  When he told us he was going to move he said, “But you can make sure I’ll take this book with me where ever I go!”  I have faith that with these prayers, the best thing to happen will.  If that is for him to stay here … then God will touch his heart and have him stay.  And if it’s to go … he'll know that he should go.  He said that “where ever God wants him to go, he'll go”.  So if it’s for him to stay, we can be certain he'll stay.  And if it’s to go, he’s going to follow that prompting, which definitely is right.

Yesterday was really cool.  We have an investigator that’s really good.  He's always going to church every week and the only thing stopping him from being baptized is coffee.  This last week we weren’t able to meet with him, but yesterday he came up to me and said very happily that he stopped drinking coffee!!!!  He went the whole entire week without drinking and that now he's done drinking it!!!  Now he’s ready to be baptized!  We’re going to meet with him this week and mark a baptismal date.  Things are really picking up here and this next transfer is going to be a good one.  I just hope I can stay one more transfer.  I really like this area and I really want to see everyone we are working with get baptized.  Elder J. Almeida is so excited with what is happening.  He my best companion so far.  I’ll be really bummed if I only get to spend one transfer with him.  Man the time is passing so fast!  This transfer went flying by.  It’s crazy.  I’m hoping things will slow down otherwise, next thing I know, I’m all done with my mission.  I’m almost at my one year mark and it really doesn’t feel like it.

I don’t know when my release date is but I counted out the transfers (them being 6 weeks each except once a year that’s only 5) because you go home at the end of the transfer.  I think my release date will be April 24th 2013.  That will depend on when the 5 week transfer is next year.  If it’s from March to April … I’ll go home one week earlier so April 17th.  But I think it’ll be the 24th.  Mom, have you not received my letter yet that I wrote to you??  I talked about you guys coming in the letter so that’ll have my response on if you guys can or not.  Hopefully it’ll arrive home soon.  It‘s already been a while.

In our email from the mission this week with announcements, it says that we already need to start planning our phone calls so that it’s not a last minute thing.  Are you guys going to want me to call on the phone or use Skype again?  If I stay here for another transfer, I already have a house set up to make the call on Skype.  (If you guys want me to do that again.)  And they don’t have a dog!  Haha  Are you guys going out of town for Mother’s Day?  Or staying home or what?  Just so I can know.  As far as time goes … have you guys already moved your clocks?  If so, we’re 4 hours apart.  If not … we’re still 5.  I forgot when it is that the clocks get moved.  Just let me know about the call.

I have to get running now.  I hope you guys are doing great and I hope that your Easter was awesome!!!


PS - No I didn’t get the package yet.

PPS - Yes the Easter Bunny passed by our house!  I was kind of worried because I didn’t have enough money to buy carrots, but he still came by!!!

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