Monday, May 14, 2012

A Call and Messages Home

(One of the baptisms after Elder Fox was transferred.)
Hey guys!!

Man its been soooo long since I’ve talked to you guys.  haha  Oh, phone calls are great!!  I think it’s a good thing we don’t get to call all the time because then we'd never focus.  But it was really nice talking to you guys!!  Everyone looks the same except Brittin and Belle.  You two have grown up quite a bit.  Also, the only remembrances of you guys are the pictures I have in the photo album so, ya, you two look different.

Mother’s Day on the mission super sucks.  It wasn’t too bad at church like it was in the MTC because the talks weren’t really about mothers.  They were more about women (which I thought slightly strange since it was Mother’s Day not Woman’s Day) but it worked for me because it didn’t make me homesick.  After church we went to the house we were having lunch at, and Elder Lago got right on the computer because it was time for him to talk.  So he logged on and nothing was working … sound … video … nothing!  So after a crazy rush, we got it all going and then he started talking.  That’s why I called so late.  It took him a while to start his call and then he went a little bit longer than he had planned.  I didn’t want to be irritating and tell him to get off.  I just figured you guys would understand.  Once he got off, I went to get on and then the lunch was ready.  I didn’t want to wait any more so I put off eating until after the call.  Once we were done talking, and I pulled myself back together, I had a bite to eat and then we took off.  The bad part of Mother’s Day is that normally when your homesick, you go to work and get over it.  But on Mother’s Day … no one wants the missionaries over.  There’s nothing to do.  After not doing anything for a while, we sat down, I called the other areas in the district to get their numbers (Sunday night is when we pass numbers), passed them off, and then we headed home to turn in for the night.

There were some things I wanted to ask that I didn’t ask yesterday.  How’s track going for Britt and dance for Belle?  Also, another thing I wanted to say too, that I didn’t have time to say is, sorry that my package I sent home is kind of lame.  I wanted to send other stuff in it, but in my little time that I had, it just didn’t work out as I had planned.  I was going to buy some candies and juices that they only have here, but it just didn’t work out.  Sorry it’s not cool like the ones you guys always send me.

I was also wondering if you could pass this message on to Keith:

Hey Keith!!

Thanks for always being such a great example to me when I was younger!!!  I really look up to you a lot!  You are definitely a super star in my eyes.  I remember how excited I always got at church when I saw you were going to do the musical number.  And when you walked up with your acoustic guitar … I got even more excited.  The day they made the announcement of no musical numbers with guitars and the other instruments, the first thing I thought was, "What?!  Why??  Keith’s musical numbers are always the best and the ones I feel the spirit most during.”  You were always my idol.  I will be forever grateful that you sang at my baptism so many years ago.  I’ll never forget that song and how much that meant to me!!!  Thanks for always being happy, and always smiling.  Even though I’m a continent away down here in Brasil, I’m still keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.  A bunch of other missionaries here are praying for you too and asking me how you’re doing.  Also, I put your name on the prayer roll at the São Paulo temple.  Love ya Keith!!!

(Elder) Tavin Fox

Can you also get this message to Kiley for his birthday:

Kiley!!!  Happy B-Day bro!!  Hope it’s a good one for you!!  What have you been up to man?  What’s the deal with you not writing me yet??  What kinda friend are ya?  haha  Just playin.  But you better send me a letter soon!  If you don’t have my address you can get it from my parents, or online at that blog thing I have.  But ya man, best of luck for you and I hope this day is excellent for you!!  Miss ya bro!

If you guys could get that to him that would be a big help.  Thanks!!!

What you said about how you were joking around with Mikaela about the Mormon Prom … you should tell her I said she better go with my missionary plaque, or an inflatable me, or a cardboard cut out of me since she’s still owing me a Sadies.  This can substitute.  haha  Hopefully she'll remember where that’s from.  If not I’ll tell you guys the background story (part … so if she doesn’t remember you can explain it … and part … so you all aren’t thinking I’m trying to set up a date or hit on someone, it’s an old joke.)  Explanation:  Right around when I first met her and we became friends, one time she came and wrote a bunch of stuff on our driveway in chalk.  Maybe you guys remember that.  One of the things was asking me out to Sadies.  (Obviously not seriously since this happened in August.)  But after that one time when I was talking to her, I mentioned her invite to Sadies jokingly.  After a little while she asked me if I was joking or serious since at that time I had already graduated.  I told her I was joking and she said, “Ok good.  I was a little worried that you were seriously wanting to go to a High School dance.”  Then came time for Sadies and she asked another dude.  I decided to give her a hard time, so I texted her and said, “What’s this?  You’re going with another guy?  You owe me one!”  So you guys can remind her of her debt to me and that taking a substitute of me can fulfill that debt.  Haha

To answer your question you just sent about the baptism after I was transferred, yes … Elder J. Almeida did the baptism.

To end, I want to share an experience that I thought was really cool and then that’s all I have time for.  A while ago we were going and visiting inactives.  The last one on our list "wasn't home" even though we saw her.  There we were, with nothing to do.  We were in a little square with a bunch of houses all along the sides and I thought maybe we’re here for a reason.  Then I got the really strong feeling that we needed to talk to someone who lived there.  We knocked on every single door and no one wanted anything.  Finally we came to the last door and it started raining so I used the, "Can we come in and wait for the rain to pass?" excuse.  She thought about it for a bit and then decided to let us in rather than get soaking wet.  We were at a house with three older ladies, all named Maria.  Only the one that let us in was interested in listening to what we do, so we taught her and she seemed interested.  I thought, “Ok!  This was the person that needed us.”  A week later we went back there, and through the gate I could see her answer the door.  When she saw it was us, she hid.  Then I heard another Maria say, "They’re here to talk to you."  This Maria then came out and said, “She’s not home.”  She quickly went back inside and slammed the door.  Now I’m thinking, “Why did I feel so strongly that we needed to talk to them?”  I couldn’t come up with an answer.  Then another day this last week, we’re walking and we don’t know where we’re going, to be honest.  Elder Lago asked me and I said, “Where ever Heavenly Father wants us.”  This whole time I was praying for help because we had nothing to do.  I then got this strong feeling to go down this little path that led to a street with three houses on it.  We go down there and knocked every door and nothing.  I start thinking, “Why did we come here?”  We start heading up this path and I see these two ladies and started talking with them.  One tells us she reads the Book of Mormon where she works at whenever she has free time.  We asked her where she works and she told us she cleans a house for three old ladies on this road.  This is the road the Marias live on!  We gave them that Book of Mormon.  That’s why we needed to go to that house!  She really liked the Book of Mormon and wanted to receive the missionaries.  Her friend who was standing with her wanted us to come visit her too!!!  It was sweet!

Gotta go!  I love ya guys!!


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