Monday, May 7, 2012

A Cuia ... A Bomba ... And Some Chimarrão ... What?!!

(Elder Fox sent us this from Brazil.  We had all kinds of guesses as to what it was.  This week we finally found out what it is.)

Hey Guys!!!

So how’s everyone doing??  Just a couple more days until I get to call home!!!  I’m so excited for that!!  This weekend is going to be awesome!!!  We have a baptism this Saturday (it wasn’t last Saturday, but this one) and then the call on Sunday!!!  You guys got the package??  Sweet!!!  That jersey I sent is a team from São Paulo.  The four big teams from here are Palmeiras, Corithians, Santos, and São Paulo.  My favorite is Palmeiras.  Everyone has their team here.  That’s a big topic of conversation.  If you’re chit chatting with someone and need something to say, you always have that fallback … “What’s your team?” and then lots of times come the arguments.  haha  When I first started my mission it was a big fight with people trying to convince me to choose their teams.  I finally went with Palmeiras.  As for the family gift, it’s called a cuia (pronounced quee (as in queen without the n) ah, so quee-ah or cuia).  The first time I saw a cuia and a bomba (the straw), I thought it was something for drugs.  haha  Did anyone think that??  It’s for a drink … either chimarrão or terêrê.  The stuff you use to make the drink kind of looks like a drug too, but it’s an herbal thing.  You use this stuff that’s ground up herb thingies and mix it with water and sometimes lemon.  It’s kind of like a tea, but not bad for you.  I might have Elder Knoblauch bring some to you guys when he comes to see you all.

As for the “Hump Day“ … it has nothing to do with my companion.  I really like him.  It‘s just this area is really hard.  Like super hard!  We only have 3 investigators here.  When we don’t have something with one of those investigators we spend the whole entire day tracting, but people here aren’t very friendly like other areas I’ve passed through. They never want anything.  They won’t even let us talk.  At least before if they didn’t want anything they’d at least listen a little to what we have to say.  But, ya, it’s super hard.  For example, the missionary here before me was the Assistant.  President Martins doesn’t want missionaries ending their mission as an Assistant and often times other leadership positions.  So he sent the ex-Assistant here for his last transfer, and even he wasn’t able to get people to teach.  Wish us luck!  On the “Hump Day” it was just sucky after the training because we just spent the whole time walking.  No one let us in or would even talk to us.  And the day before that was exactly the same, just without the training … just walking the whole entire day with no one letting us in.  So two days in a row I was kind of frustrated.  But it’s all good.  I’m learning lots here.  Basically the only prayer we have is to throw a super spiritual message at them in 10-15 seconds.  There’s no time to beat around the bush.  We just have to rely a lot on what the spirit says they need to hear and pray they feel something.  Also, on the plus side, we don’t get people inviting us in just because.  That way we’re not wasting any time with people who don’t want anything because they let us know that right off the bat.  haha.

Living in a house of four missionaries is fun.  I really enjoy it.  On those cruddy days we get home and normally it’s just you two and you both are still kind of bummed.  When there’s two other missionaries, you don’t want to be bummed and look like you’re depressed.  Plus they cheer you up, or vise versa, and everyone is happy in the end.  Also, you can do little pranks to one another.  Like, we got home first once and did a macumba on one of the missionaries desks.  (Macumba is that voodoo religion I was telling you guys about that uses drums and leaves plates and dead chicken sacrifices on the road.)  For the chicken we bought chicken nuggets and … ya … it was fun.  I took a picture of it and made a video too of when they got home.

So did you guys already sell the other boat that you had?  Is this the boat you’re going to keep?  It looks way nice!!  You’ll have to let me know how the maiden voyage goes.  I also like the “Hay Mamacita” on the back.  haha.  Are you guys going to get a tower for it or leave it without one?  That picture where you can see the house in the background … I had forgotten what our house looks like now.  For a moment I thought, “Where was this picture taken at?” and then I clued in.  haha  It got painted just a little bit before I left and got the new garage doors a tiny bit before too, so I had forgotten.  I’ve been more used to the paint and garage we've always had.

So did Belle ever find the 2 reais I gave her?  When is the last day of school for her and Britt?  Did the jersey fit Peter?  I hope everything fits that I sent.  I was just guessing on a lot of the stuff because the sizings are different here than home.  I think the thing I sent you mom won’t fit very well.  I grabbed one that was kind of big … I think … on accident and didn’t have time to see if there was a smaller one.  Hopefully it works out.  Anyways, I have to get running.  I‘ll write a letter with a bit more details of what’s going on.  I love you guys tons!!!  Hope you’re all doing great!!!  Until Sunday!!!!


P.S. - How’s track going for Brittin?
P.P.S. - Any news on politics?

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